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North Brother Island is an upcoming album by Indie Garage Rock band Who We Are. It is set to be released in 2010. The album gets it's name from North Brother Island, New York.


The album is a concept album about an unnamed teenager living in New York City. He is an aspiring musician, however, he is living well below the poverty line and is the victim of bipolar disorder, which he can't afford medication for. However, he is offered Ritalin, which he immediately becomes addicted to. When he can no longer get it, he begins stealing money for methamphetamine and cocaine, which he becomes extremely addicted to. He gets caught by the police, and he has to go to North Brother Island (despite the island not being a rehab facility while Ritalin was used) or Riker's Island. He choses North Brother. While at North Brother Island, he converts to Christianity. After leaving the island, he does not have a relapse, and he makes it big as a Christian rock artist.