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This user is a bot
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Hazard-Bot cruising through talk pages, delivering a load of banners
Operator  Hazard-SJ  ✈ 
Approved? Yes
Flagged? Yes
Task(s) See #Tasks
Edit rate Varying
Edit period(s) Varying
Automatic or manual? Automatic
Programming language(s) Python
Exclusion compliant? No
Source code published? GitHub
Emergency shutoff-compliant? Yes, see User:Hazard-Bot/DoTask
Other information WikiProject tagging requests may be made at User:Hazard-Bot/Requests.


Task number Task description
7 Adding/modifying WikiProject banners (± parameters) to/on talk pages
8 Replacing userbox templates with userfied versions per the userbox migration.
9 Tagging unused non-free files with {{subst:orfud}}
11 Fixing ISBNs
14 Cleaning sandboxes
19 Substituting templates that should only be used substituted
27 Creating subpages and subcategories based on dates
29 Removing closed AfDs from Category:AfD debates relisted 3 or more times and Category:Relisted AfD debates
30 Dating pages in Category:Userspace drafts to organize them in subcategories
31 Replacing {{sandbox heading}} (and redirects) with {{user sandbox}} in userspace, excluding User:Sandbox and User talk:Sandbox
34 Updating the list of common mistakes for WikiProject Fix common mistakes