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List of Transformers: Victory episodes[edit]

The followihg is a list of the episodes in the Transformers series, «Transformers: Victory». The action of tis series begins nearly 25 years after the events of the«Transformers: Super God Masterforce». The over-mighty and ambitious Deathsaurus, the Emperor of the Destruction, aspires to seize all the power resources of the Earth and then to become the Emperor of the Universe.


1. Star Saber, Hero of the Universe[edit]

2. Dinoking's Surprise Attack[edit]

3. Charge, Leozack[edit]

4. Multiforce, Combine[edit]

5. Go, Rescue Squad[edit]

6. Invasion of the Uranium Mine[edit]

7. The Energy Base Explodes[edit]

8. Terror Under the Big City[edit]

9. The New Warrior, Hellbat[edit]

10. Attack the Shuttle Base![edit]

11. Tanker Theft Operation[edit]

12. Rescue Jan![edit]

13. Mach and Tackle[edit]

14. Battle on the Asteroid[edit]

15. The Warriors of Planet Miclo[edit]

16. Rescue Gaihawk![edit]

17. Liokaiser, Merge![edit]

18. The Decepticon Fortress Resurrected[edit]

19. The Power of Rage[edit]

20. Struggle at the Southern Pole[edit]

21. Ambush in the Desert[edit]

22. A Battle of Life and Death[edit]

23. Farewell, God Jinrai[edit]

24. Fight, Victory Leo[edit]

25. Awaken, Victory Leo[edit]

26. The Victory Combination[edit]

27. Jan, Protect the School[edit]

28. Mystery? The Base Exploding Trap[edit]

29. The Death-Bringing Shace Bug[edit]

30. Terror of the Giant Tsunamis[edit]

31. The Resurrection of the Space Fortress[edit]

32. Charge! The Fortress Against the Victory Combination[edit]

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