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List of Transformers: Armada episodes (Season 4)[edit]

The following is the list of episodes in the Transformers series, Transformers: Armada (season 4). It is the conclusion of the Part 1 of the Unicron Trilogy, subtitled 'The Unicron Battles'. Now the Autobots and Decepticons ought to stop their endless war and unite their forces in order to fight the most ominous and most powerful foe in the Universe - Unicron the Chaos-bringer…

Season 4 (Episodes 40-52)[edit]

40. Remorse[edit]

Hot Shot gets a little put out as he looks at the situation facing them and takes off. the others and the kids devise a plan that makes him see there is hope and they have to keep fighting. Hot Shot becomes leader of the Autobots.

41. Depart[edit]

The Autobots are ready to head home and leave the kids behind, but Carlos wants to come with them. Rad chases after Highwire, who turns around and says "No Rad...Rad you must stay here." in perfect English. Rad excuses this as him hearing things and walks off. He goes home and tells his parents the real reason the comet exploded, his parents didn't believe him and told him to go to bed. He then has a nightmare in which the autobot ship is shot down and Highwire collapses on the floor saying "You must help us, Rad." before the lights in his eyes fade away. In the end Perceptor and the other mini-cons surround the spaceship and make the Autobots take Rad, Carlos, Alexis, Billy, and Fred.

42. Miracle[edit]

Aboard the Autobot spaceship Axalon, Alexis and her friends looks back on Earth as they head towards Cybertron. Fred eats some chocolate and Billy cries that he forgot his video camera. On the bridge, Hot Shot and the Autobots salute Earth and the memory of Optimus Prime.

On the Decepticon's ship, Megatron orders the ship to be turned around so the Autobots can be destroyed.

Sparkplug, still holding Prime's Matrix, meets with several Mini-Cons. Moments later, hundreds of glowing lights swarm around the Autobotship. High Wire - in English, introduces the lights as Mini-Con friends. After the swarm of Mini-Cons are introduced, the Street Action Mini-Con Team trigger a flashback in the humans to that time they saw a big evil in cyberspace. High Wire names the evil Unicron.

Blurr tries to pilot the Axalon through an asteroid field. In the thick of space-debris, the Decepticons start their attack. Alexis notices the Mini-Cons also running to help the Autobots in the battle. Thrust fights against Jetfire, Cyclonus fights against Blurr, and Starscream and Hot Shot continue their long-standing grudge while Scavenger battles against Demolishor. Megatron easily overpowers Side Swipe. When Megatron aims the Requiem Blaster at the Axalon, Hot Shot stands in his way. Meanwhile, on the Axalon's hull, Perceptor and Sparkplug present The Matrix to the swarm of their gathered friends. Several Mini-Cons plunge into the Matrix, where something begins to take shape.

Megatron degrades Hot Shot, but a large sphere of green light swoops around and knocks Megatron aside. To everybody's astonishment, Optimus stands alive. With a Max Flare, Optimus ruins the Decepticon's attack. At the end of the episode, Megatron is glad that Optimus is back.

43. Puppet[edit]

44. Uprising[edit]

45. Dash[edit]

46. Drift[edit]

47. Portent[edit]

48. Cramp[edit]

49. Alliance[edit]

50. Union[edit]

51. Origin[edit]

52. Mortal Combat[edit]


Armada continues with Transformers: Energon. It is like a crossover continuity between The Transformers and Armada.