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Journeyman Editor

My views on life and politics:

Political position:

  • anti-fascism, anti-Titoism, Christian socialism/communism, statism, moderate nationalism (I support the right of every major ethnic group to have their country as long as it doesn't include occupation), anti-islamophobia
  • I'm against wars in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan
  • I am against islamophobia
  • I support the independence of Palestina, Novorossiya, Pridnestrovie, Abkhazia and South Ossetia
  • I consider NATO to be a terrorist organisation
  • I don't support abortion, but I don't have any special position on euthanasia
  • I support lustration of former "Communist" Party members in Croatia
  • I am against death penalty, except for pedophiles, harder cases of child abusing, serial murderers and war criminals (mostly NATO-aligned in my country)
  • Titoism and nazism/fascism are equal in their genocides and intolerance, and both of them should be banned
  • every kind of religious fundamentalism is dangerous, including fundamental atheism
  • I am open for discussion with most people. However, members of various fascist, imperialistic or other hate organizations won't receive an answer from me, as well as various pro-American and pro-European "human rights", "prograssive/liberal" or "democracy" "activists", whom I consider to be very close to the imperialists most of the time and sometimes even borderline-fascist.


  • books: gothic fiction, high fantasy, romance, romanticism, horror fiction
  • sports: football, handball, weight-lifting
  • movies: epic, horror (classic), comedies, action (mostly old westerns and war flms), film-noir, arthouse, all styles and genres of Soviet and Italian cinema
  • music: all kinds of metal and hard rock, some traditional (Slavic, Arabic) music (NOT so-called "turbo folk")
  • other: history, politics, mathematics
  • visiting foreign countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, to a lesser extent Italy
  • The countries I have visited or lived in:
Austria Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia Czech Republic France Germany Hungary Italy Russia San Marino Slovenia Spain Switzerland Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Vatican City