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The Internet Book Database
Type of site
Online Book Database
Commercial No
Registration Optional

The Internet Book Database (IBookDB) is an online database with information about books and authors with an added social networking component. It was started as an effort to be the IMDb equivalent for books. It currently contains information on over 58,000 books, 12,000 authors and 2000 series making it one of the largest online databases of author and book information. Unique features include finding historical publication information for books.

Registered users can catalog and manage their book collections online, find users with similar books. They can also rate and review books in addition to Tagging them. They can also rate authors and individual series. The rating system employs a 1-5 scale similar to Amazon's. Other features offered include showing random books from users catalogs on their websites, blogs or on their pages on social networking sites such as Zorpia, Myspace etc.

IBookDB also hosts the Official Forums for several authors, inluding Paul Levine, Susan McBride, Becky Garrison, Kristina O'Donnelly and Danielle Girard, providing a platform for authors and readers to connect. In addition, IBookDB holds a monthly book giveaway, details of which are available on their blog.

Featured Authors[edit]

The Internet Book Database features one author and two books every month.

Featured Author History
Month Featured Author
Nov. 2006 Barry Eisler
Oct. 2006 Kristina O'Donnelly
Sep. 2006 Paul Levine
Aug. 2006 Lee Child
Jul. 2006 Danielle Girard
Jun. 2006 Gayle Lynds

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