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Origin Copenhagen (though currently lives in Seattle)
Genres Metal
Instruments Bass

Sluomo is the singer and bassist of the neoclassical metal band Hell's Thorns, which started as a side project of the unnamed band which he left in March 6, 2008. His MySpace is here.

Musical career[edit]

From ages eight to eleven he played wind instruments such as recorder and flute as part of a school ensemble and also was taught to play glockenspiels by his music teacher. These were strange beginnings for a metal musician. He migrated nearer to his current path when he played cello for a small school orchestra for eight months. After he quit, the orchestra's cellists also began to quit. Around his fourteenth birthday, Sluomo took up bass guitar, and found he had a knack for metal and rock basslines. He joined a shred metal band (which was unnamed) during February 2008. The band broke up after three guitarists refused to join, with Sluomo leaving first, but Sluomo thinks of it more as resurfacing two months later (without interest from the other musicians) rather than Hells Thorns being a new band entirely. He recorded several bass covers of Thy Serpent songs and posted them on his myspace, the latest being "Blumen von Witchery" or Flowers of witchery. He used the German just for effect. More about his old band is written here.