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Hi. I'm Tom. I have become addicted to looking things up on Wikipedia. I believe in the project's goals wholeheartedly.

As I've perused articles on Wikipedia I noticed a few things that could be expanded upon, or that perhaps needed a small edit. At first apprehensive, I finally took the plunge and started making some article content additions and edits. They're nothing too contentious (I hope), and I err on the side of caution when making any additions or edits. The way I figure it, in order for the Wikipedia project to be successful, we have to contribute, and it is in that light that I start typing and cutting-and-pasting my way through Wikipedia in an effort to help expand everyone's knowledge. (Sheesh. How grandiose is that?!)  :-)

My user name, of course, is Hellacious. Why Hellacious, you ask? Well, I've always loved the word. To me, it's a wonderful slang adjective. Here are some definitions from various sources on the web:

1. Remarkably good

2. Extraordinary; remarkable

3. Extremely bad, unpleasant, or unbearable

4. Astonishing

5. Extremely large

6. Extremely difficult

7. Formidable

...the list goes on, but, man, have you ever seen a word that means so much; both good and bad? It makes me smile. I use the word whenever it seems appropriate, and on Wikipedia, I AM hellacious!  :-)

My main interests are:

• Armchair Aviation

• Companies / Industry

• Foreign Affairs / World Politics

• Recycling

• Metal (Not the music; the elements. Steel [iron], copper, tin, you name it. I like metal.)

• Movies (Mostly Sci-Fi or Thrillers: "Andromeda Strain", "RoboCop", "Colossus: The Forbin Project", "Fail Safe", the "Terminator" series, to name a few all-time favorites.)