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...oh, you know. i edit stuff.
i've given my share of third opinions.
i also revert vandalism quite a bit.
and i translate Japanese articles.

i've also built some tools.

been actively rockin' wiki since feb 21, 2006.
i hit 10,000 edits on dec 1, 2008 (by adding this text).
and i hit 20,000 edits on may 28, 2010 (by adding this text).
my 30,000th edit was on march 9, 2011 (by adding this text).
but then i stopped doing that when i hit my 40,000th edit on jan 15, 2012. oh well.

on sep 1, 2010, a bunch of kind folks decided to make me an administrator.

and i'm not all that fond of userboxes. i like my userpage to be simple.