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Last update 2012-02-21

My name is Henry W. (born June 30, 1982 in Ontario, Canada), I am Chinese Canadian (Taishanese) and I currently live in Montreal, Quebec. I have been a member of Wikipedia since January 2006, but have been around since mid-2005. I have worked as a video games tester for 2 separate outsource game QA companies in 2006 and 2007, and at EA Mobile in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012.




Here are some of my contributions, as a graphic artist:

TSR-2MS flight profile (Stratos 4)
Length comparison between M16 and AK-47 assault rifles (Comparison of the AK-47 and M16)
Simplified version of the previous image
India MRCA contenders
3 landship concepts
The Kulbit ACM (well, not exactly)

Recent images I uploaded as a photographer:

Atrium Le 1000 indoors skating rink
ICAO World Headquarters


Some of my favorite images on Wikipedia:

Wikipe-tan ^_^
A U.S. Marine walks through building ruins
The Great Pyramids of Egypt
Milford Sound, New Zealand
The Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, at night
The Court of Honor of the Louvre, the most visited and famous art museum in the world
Lower Consolation Lake in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada
Green Violet-ear — Finca Lerida, Boquete, Panama


Some trivia about me!

3, 4, 5 or 6?
Cute, pretty or sexy girls?
Ah... can't really decide. Right now, I'd say cute girls.
Europe or Asia?
Europe, as almost all my family goes regularly to Asia. I haven't left the North American continent in my life, never!
Sniper duels or close quarters combat?
Close combat, up close to the enemy!
Car or motorcycle?
Motorcycle, as it is lighter, and consumes less gas.
Boeing or Airbus?
What can I say? Boeing all the way!
Summer or winter?
Summer! Winter is cold.
Dogs or cats?
9 mm Luger or .45 ACP?
Sword or spear?
Spear. Longer reach!
PC or Mac?
I've always been a PC user, but I know how to use Macs too.
Wide angle or telephoto?
I prefer wide angle, though I have yet to own/use a true wide angle lens for photography.


Here are the trips I made during my lifetime. I travel a lot, but generally not too far. Major trips are in brown. "Firsts", "lasts" and records are in olive.

1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Montreal 1984
I moved to Montreal from Brockville at the age of 1, right before my brother's birth. - First inter-city trip ever, and only one-way trip. Also, first and only inter-city rail trip.
Quebec City 1987
I went to Quebec City with my extended family when I was 5 years old. - First family inter-city trip. Also, first road trip, and first bus (coach) trip.
Edmonton 1987
Ah, Edmonton. My first airplane flight and my farthest trip ever. Still unbeaten in distance to this day. Also my first and only trip to that city. Stopovers at Toronto (2), Calgary and Winnipeg. - First and only trip west of Ontario, first air trip, and farthest trip ever. Also, first and only trip to Edmonton, Calgary and Alberta, first and only trip to Winnipeg and Manitoba, and first trip ever to Toronto.
East-Northeast USA 1988
I went to NYC, Atlantic City and Washington D.C. with
Location Year
I went to -city-.
Location Year
I went to -city-.
Location Year
I went to -city-.
Location Year
I went to -city-.
Location Year
I went to -city-.
Location Year
I went to -city-.
Washington D.C. 2000
I went to Washington D.C. to visit the American Holocaust Museum for 3 days as a school field trip of my cegep Vanier College.
Boston 2004
I went to Boston for 2 days.
East-Northeast USA 2005
I went to NYC, Atlantic City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Albany.
Long Sault - Massena 2006
I went to Long Sault, ON for a large BBQ organized by the Khmer community of Canada. (Felt really didn't belong there, but the girls were cute. ^_^) Then went impromptu across the U.S. border into N.Y. state into the Mohawk reserve near Massena. We went to the Mohawk Casino and returned home late.
Toronto May 2007
Anime North '07, my first anime convention EVER!
Toronto August 2007
Fan Expo Canada '07, my first trip entirely by myself
Toronto May 2008
Anime North '08
Toronto August 2008
Fan Expo Canada '08
Ottawa November 2008
Naru 2 U '08, my first con in Ottawa
Gatineau February 2009
G-Anime '09
Toronto May 2009
Anime North '09
Toronto August 2009
Fan Expo Canada '09
Gatineau February 2010
G-Anime '10
Toronto May 2010
Anime North '10
Toronto August 2010
Fan Expo Canada '10 (last)
Quebec City October 2010
Cape & Kimono '10, my first con in Quebec City
Colchester, VT October 2010
Bakuretsu Con '10, my first American convention!
Quebec City April 2011
Nadeshicon '11
Boston April 2011
Anime Boston '11, my most expensive con ever
Toronto May 2011
Anime North '11
Baltimore July 2011
Otakon '11, my largest and farthest con ever attended
Quebec City October 2011
Cape & Kimono '11
Ottawa November 2011
Naru 2 U '11


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