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Who in the Bloody Hell is this Jackass?😎

Editor-in-Chief; Writer/Investigative Reporter; Editorial Board Member; Associate Publisher; and ultimately Publisher/President of LLC: Independent Publication created by a couple of Mates, all lacking formal SMB Owner/ANY Business experiences (and each studying/pursuing different Degrees, none relating to Business! Ha!) and in our early 20s. IOW: Clueless. Had to learn how to Publish a Newspaper, Honour Legally-Binding Advert Contracts, not forgetting our Sponsoring/Hosting Events: Charitable Orgs, NonProfs, Local Interest Groups, Several Concert Series, and A Major International Film Festival- serving as both The Official Partner, and The Official Sponsor {yes, that was freaking AWESOME!} In addition to aforementioned aspects, we also learned how to properly (at least, Generally, starting) operate an LLC, as we went along. Quite proud saying: We Did It! Even prouder adding: We Scooped several National, Regional, State, and Local Major Media Outlets/News Sources across all Mediums (Including a Former 'Reality' TV Show: "Ghost... Something") Sorry, I refuse citing the proper & full name, as they Poached a Story I covered, several months after I/We invited them to accompany me/us on our Follow-up Article. Originally a "Typical" Fortnightly Featured Article appearing in all Issues (one of several written by yours truly 😎) at the Request/Invitation of the Subject interviewed, we decided to turn it into a A Full-Article, with the Second Part/Conclusion as a Stand-Alone Special/Cover Story!

Said Invitation originally meant: Me, and a Plus One (My Business Partner/Photographer/Mate) only, as the Subject was, erm, Spooky-As-Hell! Literally. Extending the Offer/Invitation {after receiving our Source's Approval & Confirmation} via a series of Introduction, General Inquiry, Fourth Estate Member Fraternity (wait, that Honour applied to us, sorry) we hoped inclusion coupled with their knowledge, experience, equipment, and wide-reaching demographics/viewership, would equate into a great addition to The Article, Help our Source gain broad exposure {Charitable and Seriously Nice Gentleman}, and afford said Wankers a NEW Idea! Wow, how altruistic one is at 20yrs!

Well, I heard it was a "good episode" not that I gave/give/shall ever give a damn, but it did open new markets helping our Source, and I'm 💯 Honest saying this makes me happy! However, since then, and to this day: If I walk into room and the show is on the TV; the odds are 2:1 in favour of the screen shattering. Don't care about Device Manufacturer, screen size, shape, type, number displaying, etc. No. I've not "gotten over it" and yes, they are Wankers. They took the information, from MY/OUR Invitation to join US, as OUR additional Guests from the Original Invitation offered to ME/US, by the Gentleman whom I interviewed, for both MY Article and MY GD Follow-Up Cover-Story, and on OUR GD Publication! Whew, that made me dizzy. Oh yeah, they accepted my Request, just not as the Partnership my Editor & I envisioned. Rather, they Poached my/our Story, using said contact information and Invite as a GD Lead, Tossers. I've the dates of publication and saved ALL emails sent offering and asking if they fancied joining, as well as inquiring about using their equipment, etc. Just in case anyone fancies being cute. Highly recommended you not. I'm A Master Level Sarcastic Smart-Arse, a Title earned over decades, taught by myriad Masters, study, Dedication, hardwork, and a lot of Schadenfreude, so please, do tread lightly! Good Deed: Counted!✅✔️

We also Covered a then-unheard of Organisation, sent a couple of Staff Up-State to investigate, and put said Organisation on the Cover. That organisation became a well known name: Blackwater, USA, and we Covered them several months prior to their infamous Bridge actions and recognition during OIF. Boom! {True Respect towards those Gentlemen, Don't Care aout your POV} We would Scoop several other Topics, and Media Outlets. The Primary Reasons behind these Achievements stem from: The First Amendment, and because we were the Best & Most BadArse Team! Seriously, all Respect duly falls on THEIR Shoulders, and I'm thankful/humbled I worked beside Them.

Former Associate Publisher [yes, again!] and Chief Advisor/Consultant with a second, (but) Jointly-Private and Publicly-Funded {University} Publication & LLC. Covering different subject matter, writing for a different demographic & audience, and honouring different advert contracts kept our focus a bit removed than the original Publication. Originally hired, after a random encounter, as an Advisor helping oversee the First-Issue Published, the Publisher offered me the Associate Publisher & Chief Advisor/Consultant position. I was thankful to play a role and we managed to get the jump (Scooped) on several occasions, especially regarding interviewing two (now internationally known and adored) relatively unknown, but regionally recognised Bands. So, yeah, Boom!

Moved from Media to the fun and honest world that is Campaign Politics, starting on Municipal Elections as an Advisor, then The Great State of North Carolina State General Assembly Campaigns, Gubernatorial, Out-of-State Field Representative & Field Director, National Congressional {Both Chambers} and Multiple-Candidates and Campaigns per Cycle.

Worked for one of, if not the last, Southern Democrats to ever grace the Hallowed Halls of The U.S. Congress. One of nicest and most decent Gentlemen whom I've the pleasure knowing, and the honour supporting. Thank you to him, Boss, and the Team! Our Field Team ranked Second: Nationally, and I, individually, ranked within the top <4 percentage of all Field Reps. Nationally. This led to Headhunters seeking me (crazy, right?) to serve as a Campaign Manager, Field Director, and Campaign Advisor on myriad Campaigns. I'm a wee bit 'off' as I love Political Science, and am quite the Nerd regarding Journalism, Politics, Ancient & Modern Military History, Military Science, Fission-Fusion Devices and Physics, and harbour a perfectly healthy obsession: Alexandre The Greatest. An opportunity re-entering the Publishing and Media-world, whilst retaining my other perfectly healthy obsession with Politics, appeared and, well, I couldn't say no! It would've been quite rude. Oh yeah, and everyone associated with Ghost, you lot can go to Hell!

Proud Member of The Fourth Estate! Credentialed; Sarcastic; Smart-Arse; Love Adult Swim {Cartoons. Tim & Eric SUCK}; Hardcore Chelsea FC Supporter {Lived there as a child, so no bandwagon, fair-weather modifiers apply. Love the Terrace Chant: Where Were You When We Were Shite?}; Absolutely loathe, with every piece of my Soul, and despise Liverpool FC more than all things on this planet sans one particular TV Show, (including- war, disease, famine, etc.) and extremely Proud to be a Southern Gentleman, from my Beloved Great State of North Carolina. I really am a very well-mannered, humble, and nice person, and I believe Humour to be a High Virtue, as well as showing kindness to Animals, and the occasional human.* Favourite Things? Surfing, The U.S. Constitution, cartoons, Chelsea FC, being right appx. 99.9998% of the time, reading, debating, Betty's(All Hair-Colours), even a non-Betty: If Still-A-Hot Blonde Lady, and your Mom. BOOM!

But seriously, take time everyday to: Thank a Veteran, First Responder, Teacher; volunteer, rescue, or adopt a dog or cat; do something kind for someone, strive to help improve your Community and extend any help you can to those in need. Finally, make someone smile or laugh, especially if they appear upset. You never know how much a "Hello, how's your day going?" might mean to someone. Not a single damn one of us are perfect, but that doesn't impede our ability to show compassion and kindness, nor our ability to extend assistance and stepping-up when asked to show Integrity and Character. Actually, it's our Duty, especially as American Citizens, more so for those hailing from the Lovely Southland! (and no, taking Pride in my Beloved Dixie and Old North State, does not equate with anything more than a love of my Homeland. If you think it means anything nefarious, you, and your children, are all braying jackarses) Told you I was a Smart-Arse! Up The CFC! Up The SW6! #KTBFFH #v2 #CF

  • Unless you're a Scouser; from North London, or have anything whatsoever to do with the aforementioned television series. If yes to any of these: You were born without a Soul and Suck as a person. Kidding! Kinda.

PVHenry (talk) 22:23, 27 January 2018 (UTC)