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Number of articles on English Wikipedia 5,596,650

Herenthere currently resides in the USA. He joined Wikipedia on April 1, 2006 after realizing the enormous potential of Wikipedia and how it can change the world by having the world contribute to it. Please feel free to post ideas or criticisms regarding my edits on my talk page. I will try to use your suggestions to help me improve my editing skills. He is currently focusing his efforts on the New York City Subway to try and make it a Featured Article.

Favorite topics:

He has also created the following articles, and he needs your help in expanding and improving them!!!:

Hong Kong related articles Others
Hong Kong SkyCity
Pui Kiu Middle School
Fairwood (restaurant)
New Method College
Wing Wah
SmartLink card
New York Civil Liberties Union
Internet Spyware Prevention Act

And has made substantial improvements to:

Rego Center [1]

Images uploaded:

Non-Free Images/Fair Use:
Seventeen-Arch Bridge in the Summer Palace in Beijing.
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My Toolbox[edit]

Picture Positioning Help: WP:PIC

Cleanup resources: WP:CR

Full page of templates (i.e.: Future product, future bridge...): WP:TM