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John Ross, Jr.
Born John Ross, Jr.
Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation Instructor (Communications, Media and Theatre)
Residence Chicago, Illinois
Nationality American
Education Master of Arts (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Master of Liberal Arts (Harvard University)
Master of Pastoral Studies (Loyola University Chicago)
Master of Sacred Theology (Boston University)
Bachelor of Arts (Holy Apostles College and Seminary)
Years active 1967–present

John Ross, Jr., (born Day Month Year) is an American author, dramatist and theologian.


Ross was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He has authored several books, including, "COSMOTRINITY: Newton, Einstein, Hawking with the Origins of the 'Anthropic Principle' and a Curtsy Toward...QEDEM (Time)--POST-MODERN THOUGHTS ON THE CLOCK" (2013), "iSpeak!, uSpeak!, weSpeak!: An Introduction to Contemporary Public Speaking" (2012), "TAO-TE-CHING: The Way of Virtue in Leadership and Life" (2012), "AMERICAN HAIKU: Fifty-Stars, Fifty-States, Plus the District of Columbia" (2011), "WHERE THE DESIGNER CAME FROM: Evolution, Creation, Hominids and the Skirmish of the Double Helix, POEMS" (2011), "ODE TO BOSTON NEIGHBORHOODS: The Emerald Necklace, Bunker on the Hill, And other Tanka-Cantos" (2011), as well as "Goat Troubles and other Chicago Poems" (2010).

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On Day, Month Year, Ross...

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