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My real name is George Wright and I live in South East London.

I am disabled and at present unable to work so have time to devote to Wikipedia where I am currently editing articles, mainly for spelling and clarity, while I familiarise myself with this brilliant project.

I have a wide range of interests and experience so am likely to range across many subjects! I have served in the military, been a minister of religion and have trained as a counsellor. If I have a professional specialism it would be in the personal development of disadvantaged persons, mainly the homeless and the unemployed. I have a degree in psychology.

On a personal level I am proud to be from the North of England. I have recently traced my families roots back to the East Riding of Yorkshire, where, true to my surname, my ancestors were carpenters and joiners - expect an interest in crafts, especially to do with wood.

I have always been enthusiastic (and a bit of a purist) about the English language and do differentiate between that and American English, which, in my view, is fast becoming different enough to merit being called American. However, I do promise to respect US spellings, usage etc. as far as my knowledge permits. :-)

Other interests include history, nature, biological/medical science; general and organisational psychology; philosophy; cultures and social identity; Christian theology and practice; comparative religions and cross-faith dialogue, as well as reading a wide range of literature, listening to music (classical, light orchestral and brass bands mainly) and watching TV and films, though my viewing habits are very selective!