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Your request to be unblocked has been declined due to your edit warring on [[{{{article}}}]], as seen in these edits: Administrator, please provide links to diffs showing the edit war.. Even if you did not violate the three revert rule as it is written, you made little or no positive attempt towards seeking a consensus with other editors. Wikipedia is a collaborative project, and behavior that prevents or impedes active, constructive discussion is considered disruptive. The three revert rule is not an entitlement to three reverts, and editors are expected to seek out forms of dispute resolution if matters cannot be easily resolved. Please take some time to review the linked policies while you are blocked, and consider working with other editors on the [[Talk:{{{article}}}|article's talk page]] once your block has been lifted.


Intended to be used along with {{unblock reviewed}}.

{{subst:User:Hersfold/3RR Unblock decline|article=article name|diffs=[link][link][link]}}

  • article= provides a link to the article in question and it's talk page. Neglecting this parameter has some nasty results.
  • diffs= allows you to add diffs to back up your assessment. Neglecting this parameter has some even nastier results, in that the template will publicly shout at you.