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Hello, Hersfold. A recent request for clarification of the {{{1}}} arbitration case has been archived at [[Wikipedia talk:Requests for arbitration/{{{1}}}]]. You are receiving this notification because you were involved in that request. Should you still have questions or wish to modify the results of the case, please file a new request for clarification or amendment at WP:RFAR, ask a committee clerk for more information, or contact the Arbitration Committee.

For the Arbitration Committee,
Signature Timestamp.


This template is intended for the use of Arbitrators and Arbitration Committee Clerks only, for informing named parties in a request for amendment or clarification to a previous Arbitration case that their request has been closed and archived. Please do not use this template if you are not a Arbitrator or Clerk. It provides a boilerplate notification that provides a link to the archived request, and provides them with information on how to proceed if there are still concerns or questions.

This template should be substituted.


  • 1= Name of the request (the header that appears on the requests page)
  • case= Name of the case; defaults to {{{1}}}
  • amend= If set to anything not blank, rewords appropriately for a request for amendment.
  • notes= Allows addition of extra notes before "For the ArbCom,"
  • sig= If set to anything not blank, adds a signature to the end automatically. You can also add a signature after the template normally.