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Hello, Hersfold. A recent Arbitration request in which you were named as a party, "{{{1}}}", has been declined by the Arbitration Committee. You can review the reasons why the Arbitrators felt this case was not appropriate for arbitration at the archived version in the history of the Arbitration Requests page; most probably, the declination would have been because the dispute appeared to be primarily a content issue only or because there was not enough effort to address this problem through other forms of dispute resolution prior to the filing of the request. If this issue is still in need of resolution, please consider pursuing other forms of dispute resolution (such as a request for comment or informal or formal mediation). Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me or another clerk.

For the Arbitration Committee,
Signature Timestamp.


This template is intended for the use of Arbitrators and Arbitration Committee Clerks only, for informing named parties in a request for arbitration that their request was declined. Please do not use this template if you are not a Arbitrator or Clerk. It provides a boilerplate notification that explains why the case may have been rejected, provides a link to the oldid containing the rejected request, and directs them to other forms of dispute resolution to try.

This template should be substituted.


  • 1= Name of the request
  • oldlink= or 2= Link to the last oldid containing the request; note that this is not the diff of the clerk removing the case from the requests page, but rather the oldid just before that diff.
  • notes= Allows addition of extra notes before "Should you have any questions...". These notes are not formatted in any way.
  • sig= Automatically includes a signature if set to anything other than blank. You can also sign after the template normally.