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Hersfold is currently:
Symbol oppose vote.svg Offline
Update: OnBusyWork/ClassOff

Want to show your status, but aren't willing to trust can't find a working bot to handle it for you? This template provides an easy, one-click way to update your status yourself, so that you're always online immediately after you log in, and offline as soon as you log out. This template is now WP:HAU compatible.

How to use this template[edit]

  1. Create Special:Mypage/Status. You can place any text in here, it doesn't matter; just create it.
  2. Go to your monobook.js file and add importScript('User:Henrik/js/automod.js'); This script is necessary for the automated update links to work. Some other scripts already include this one - don't worry, installing this twice (or more) won't hurt anything.
  3. Clear your browser's cache. The script may not work if you don't.
  4. Add this template where you want to use it, like so: {{User:Hersfold/StatusTemplate}} .
  5. Save the page.
  6. Click one of the three "Update" links. This will automatically update the /Status page you created in Step 1 to something this template can recognize.

Currently active status types[edit]

Update link Sets your status to...
Symbol support vote.svg Online
Symbol support2 vote.svg Busy
I may not be actively editing,
but I am around.
Symbol comment.svg At work or in class
I may not be actively editing,
but I am around.
Symbol oppose vote.svg Offline
Anything else
Symbol neutral vote.svg Lost.
Check my status history for more info.

Don't see what you want? You can suggest additional statuses to Hersfold. Please note, however, that trivial additions that mean the same thing as something listed above (Such as "In da hood" instead of "Online") will not be added. There is also a practical limit to how many update links can be listed, to avoid making the template too unwieldy.


  • 1= or first unnamed parameter If you want to display another user's status, or you are having trouble with the editing links (see below), enter the custom username (without the User: prefix) to correct the issue. Example: {{User:Hersfold/StatusTemplate|Hersfold non-admin}} This should not be necessary when using this template on one of your own subpages.
  • align={left|center|right} Use this to control where the box is displayed. The template will float to the left by default, however can be made to float right with align=right. Using "center" will cause the box to spread across the page like a banner - see "Known issues" below.
  • irc=y Use this to change "Busy" to "On IRC" - could be useful for those like me who lurk around the IRC channels waiting for something interesting to happen.
  • url= When specifying a custom username with 1= as described above, some usernames (those with spaces or special characters) may cause the edit links to display incorrectly or not function. Use this to supply a URL encoded version of the username to correct the problem. Example: User:Joe's Username would need to use the template like so: {{User:Hersfold/StatusTemplate|Joe's Username|url=Joe%27s_Username}}.

Known issues[edit]

  • Usernames with spaces: When adding a custom username to the template, you will need to use the url= parameter as described above to replace spaces with underscores (_) to allow for the correct operation of the edit links. This should not be necessary when using the default username, which the template is able to retrieve from the page title.
  • Usernames with special characters: See above. Special characters must be replaced with their corresponding percent code - a limited number of these can be found at the article on Percent-encoding, some others may be found on the article about that particular symbol. If that doesn't help, try using this site to translate your username. This should not be necessary when using the default username, which the template is able to retrieve (and translate) from the page title.
  • Center alignment: Due to limitations of either the MediaWiki software or internet browsers (not sure which), using align=center will cause the box to be centered, but will also cause it to spread across the entire page. Whoever's fault it is, I am unable to fix this within the template. Workarounds do exist, but they are generally somewhat complicated and the template will no longer "float" over the page as it is designed to do. If you want such a workaround and can't figure it out yourself, let me know.