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Current status: Inactive. The operator of this bot has retired and is no longer maintaining this bot. Hersfold (t/a/c) 01:24, 13 March 2013 (UTC)

Current Transwiki category size: 75 (this does not include the three Wikipedia: project pages which are permanently included)

Non-administrators may also shut off the bot by posting a new comment to the bot's talk page.
HersfoldBot This user is a bot.
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Operator: Hersfold (t/a/c)
Approved? Yes
Flagged? No
Task/s: Transwiki bot to Wiktionary
Edit rate: Approx. 1 edit/10 seconds
Edit period/s: When Hersfold is online
Automatic or manual? Manual login, automated editing/importing
Programming language/s: Java, with MER-C's Java library
Other information: Version control and Source code

Wiktionary user page


HersfoldBot is a Transwiki bot between the English Wikipedia and the English Wiktionary. It uses the Special:Import API to transfer the entire attribution history of an article marked for Transwiki in Category:Copy to Wiktionary to Wiktionary's Transwiki: namespace, and logs the moves appropriately on both ends. Some articles will not be transferred automatically if they have an excessive number of revisions, or the current revision is over 5000 bytes in size. The latter size limit can be ignored once the article has been reviewed by a human editor.

Future updates[edit]

To suggest an update to the bot, please contact Hersfold. Suggestions for updates should relate to the bot's current task; if you would like a bot to perform a totally different task, please make your request at WP:BOTREQ.

None currently

Completed updates[edit]

  1. Won't fix: Removing disambiguation from titles ("Shaw (woodland)" → "shaw") The import API does not permit the bot to specify a target title that is different from the source. Stripping out the disambiguation causes the bot to import the wrong page. This can be dealt with on the destination wiki following editing.
  2. Yes check.svg Done: Have the bot ignore |date= parameters in the transwiki templates.
  3. Yes check.svg Done: Constructors need to be fixed to prevent two bots from running at once. Right now they're tripping over each other and causing problems.
  4. Yes check.svg Done: Have the bot strip out redlinks and nonexistent templates on the imported version of the article
  5. Won't fix Adding functionality to import to other English-language projects. This doesn't seem to be worth it, as most other projects either don't import enough or are so substantially different from Wikipedia that the process needs to be done manually. If you're from another project and you feel this bot could be useful there, please let me know.
  6. Yes check.svg Done: Set the bot so it handles Template: being present in the transwiki template.
  7. Yes check.svg Done: Set the bot so that duplicate transwiki templates on a long page do not cause multiple manual review templates to be added. (as of v1.2.16)

Trial run pages[edit]

When operating in trial mode, the bot will not edit live log pages, but instead subpages below. Logs generated by the bot during trial runs will also be copied in by the operator.

/Wikipedia:Transwiki log/Articles moved from here/en.wiktionary - /Trial run log