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Current status: Running trials. Currently running a trial for up to 75 edits. Hersfold (t/a/c) 22:08, 23 September 2010 (UTC)

Non-administrators may also shut off the bot by posting a new comment to the bot's talk page.
HersfoldCiteBot This user is a bot.
(talk · contribs)
Crystal Clear mimetype mime txt.pngCrystal Clear action run.png
Operator: Hersfold (t/a/c)
Approved? Pending
Flagged? No
Task/s: Correcting common errors in {{cite web}} templates
Edit rate: Max. 12 edits/min
Edit period/s: When Hersfold is online
Programming language/s: Java, using MER-C's Java library
Exclusion compliant? Yes
Source code published? /Source
Emergency shutoff-compliant? Yes
Other information: Version control


HersfoldCiteBot is a bot that goes through Category:Articles with broken citations and corrects common errors in {{cite web}} templates. Specifically, it attempts to correct these problems:

  • {{cite web}} missing a |title= parameter
  • {{cite web}} with an |archiveurl= parameter, but no |archivedate= parameter
  • {{cite web}} missing an |accessdate= parameter - disabled on recommendations at BRFA pending more accurate code and consensus to do so

Future updates[edit]

To suggest an update to the bot, please contact Hersfold. Suggestions for updates should relate to the bot's current task; if you would like a bot to perform a totally different task, please make your request at WP:BOTREQ.

None currently

Completed updates[edit]

None currently


/Citation errors needing manual review - /Trial run logs