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High End Compute[edit]

High End Compute is a UK based SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) consultancy that aims to empower more academics, researchers and SMEs access and use "high end compute" to accelerate their work. High End Compute has a USP (Unique Selling Point) of promoting awareness of the environmental impact of computing by illustrating how to measure and minimise the energy-to-solution without adversely affecting time-to-solution and keeping within any required power cap.

Rather than solely provide optimised code, High End Compute has an addition USP of aiming to help clients longer term by explaining the steps to the provided solution: by provision of the optimised code and the skills in how to accelerate other codes.

High End Compute was set up in 2013 by Michael Bane. HEC is also a member of the HPC Advisory Council, a partner of ParaTools Inc and a member of the Mont Blanc End User Group.

Michael himself has a solid history of innovative ideas including: setting up a university GPU Club (2010s - examining vendors' claims); initiating a next gen h/w cluster for experimental development work; leading the formation of the EMerging Tech international conference series and is currently Chair of the EMiT2016 conference held at Barcelona Supercomputing Centre in June 2016.