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I have uploaded many files to Wikipedia, mainly of my native Derbyshire. You will notice the majority of my own works are licenced under Attribution, therefore redistribution, derivative work, commercial use, and all other use of the works is permitted but I ask that they are noted when used as being by Rob Bendall or Robin Bendall. You will see that the author of the works is specified as Rob Bendall/User:Highfields (or words to that effect).

However it should be mentioned that I am not Robin Bendall, I am his son. I have recieved his permission to use his works here and, with his permission, act as his representative on Wikipedia in all matters regarding the works. For all discussion matters relating to images on any language Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons, please post at my English Wikipedia talk page.

For a list of all my Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons uploads, see User:Highfields/Gallery/List. A gallery of my favourites is included below. A greater selection of Rob Bendall images of Derbyshire & the Peak District can be found at Peak District Photopages, while a selection of photos from around the world can be found at my Flickr

Thank You

HIGHFIELDS (TALKUPLOADS) 17:17, 23 August 2013 (UTC)

Uploads Gallery[edit]

A gallery of some of my favourites among my uploads (see User:Highfields/Gallery/List for a full list):