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Please, please don't feed the trolls.

My main editing interests at the moment include Chinese and Korean classical literature (which are at least vaguely related to what I studied in college) and biblical, Jewish and early Christian topics (which is a hobby I picked up mostly by accident in 2012/2013 while working as a translator in northern Japan).

Explanation of my current username

My username is a reference to Kakinomoto no Hitomaro, the "Saint of Poetry" (歌の聖 uta no hijiri?).[1]

"88" references the year of my birth, and has nothing to do with neo-fascism. The penchant of various editors such as the long-banned Til Eulenspiegel to compare me to a Nazi aside, there really is no such connection.

Rant about my old username and how it has been usurped by ... me ...

I also used to own the username Elvenscout742 until some genius decided that the Japanese/French Wikipedia editor still known by that name who hasn't edited in years must be a different person from me, and all my redirects had "en" added to them and the old ones deleted. Am I allowed to re-add those redirects? Or must all my talk page signatures from 2005 to 2013 be permanently red-linked, lest I accidentally be confused with the "other" Elvenscout742?

Unified log-in confuses me...

Response to off-wiki criticism by disturbingly racist editors

In case any overt racists like these two care about such things, by neither citizenship nor ethnicity am I Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, northern Han, Filipino, Tibetan or Mongolian. I was born in Dublin, Ireland to two Gaelic-Irish Catholic parents, and lived there until I moved to Japan in 2012 at age 24. My first language is English. My skin is pale, my eyes are blue and my hair is light brown.

As an aside, neither of these editors, whose Wikipedia IDs are obvious from their IDs and the content of their very disturbing conversation, have been blocked yet. Not for what they wrote about me -- I find it more amusing than offensive -- but for their admitting to tracking down a Chinese and/or Filipino editor with whom he/she had a disagreement and posting their personal information, along with some very uncomfortable racial speculation, off-wiki.

Also of note is that on the following page one of these users actually used the phrase "Jewnited States of Murica"!

Bart Ehrman article needs revision

It's been itching at me for a while, but the "reception" section of that article is almost exclusively focused on criticism of Ehrman and his views (or views of modern scholarship in general, rightly or wrongly attributed to Ehrman who has summarized them for a popular audience). This criticism invariably comes from the right. But from what I can establish, the more noteworthy criticism of Ehrman and his views within the scholarly community is from the left. Elaine Pagels and her criticism of Ehrman's (conservative) assessment of the Gospel of Thomas as a second-century gnostic text is nowhere to be seen. This bites me every time I listen to this lecture. (15:30~16:30, especially 16:17~16:21 -- "one by a professor in a close state to here which I will not mention"; the way she says this is delightful. If you think I'm reading too much into that, she explicitly states who and what she means in a different lecture, at 15:42~15:55.) This is notable because, among the things conservative evangelicals attack Ehrman for, virtually none of them are scholarly positions Ehrman has advanced; they are the consensus positions among modern practitioners of historical criticism, that Ehrman simply summarizes in some of his popular books, and so mentioning these "criticisms of Ehrman and his views" in the article on Bart Ehrman is incredibly misleading and WP:UNDUE. The actual criticism of Ehrman's scholarly opinions that he advances in his more scholarly writings (and books aimed at a university-student audience) tend to receive the overwhelming majority of what little criticism they do receive from the left, as Ehrman is actually relatively conservative in a lot of the issues about which current scholarship is concerned.

How often have I been called a troll and never been blocked for trolling?

This list is not exhaustive. To be such, it would need to include the entire archives of the external blog the banned user JoshuSasori set up for the sole purpose of calling me a troll despite no longer being able to do so on-wiki. Google "trollvenlout" -- some of the pages are still visible despite the blog itself having been abandoned when JoshuSasori apparently decided he had beeter things to do with his life.

  • [2] Go away, you said, bitter troll.
  • [3] [Hijiri88's talk page posts are] trolling
  • [4] trolling from [Hijiri88], a user who evidently has too much free time on his hands.
  • [5] [Hijiri88's talk page posts are] troll droppings