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Hippy and The Hick Moto Show was started in January 2011. Founded by Justin Quinn, 33 of Fresno CA. Hippy and The Hick Moto Show is for the Motorsports fan with a passion for going against the grain. is where all the broadcasts can be found and host Justin Quinn is a former Motocross, Supercross and Supermoto AMA Racer. In 2000-2002 Justin served as Team Coordinator for KTM Redbull, the racing team for KTM Sport Motorcycles USA. After the birth of his children Justin took some time off and founded the Factory Yamaha supported Mach 1 Yamaha. In 2003 the riders were Nick Wey and Heath Voss. Due to Justin's stubborn yet passionate energy, they parted ways early in the season. Since then Justin Quinn has obtained an AA Degree from Willow International and begins full time work this Fall for Fresno State and The SeaDoc society. Justin's work includes minor published results regarding theoretical physics and has the Patent on "The Notion of Anything .25: A refute to the Boltzman's Constant and The Theory of Everything"

Currently Justin Quinn works with Charities such as The Ronald McDonald House, Dig Pink Foundation, Willow International and many others.

Justin Quinn Career Resume:

1982 AMA - D-36 Flattrack - 50cc Champion 1988 CMC - Trans Cal 80cc 9-11 Champion 1992 GFI - Fall, Winter, Spring Series 1992 GFI - Bounty Hunter 80cc Int - Champion 1992 Mammoth Mountain Motocross - 80cc Novice - 5th 1993 GFI - Fall, Winter, Spring Series 80 Expert - Champion 1993 AMA - Cow Palace Arenacross 80cc 14-16, Supermini Champion 1994 GFI - Fall Series 125cc Intermediate Champion 1994 GFI - Bounty Hunter 125 Intermediate - Champion 1995 GFI - Spring Series - Champion 1995 AMA - Hangtown 250cc Intermediate - Champion 1996 CMC - GlodenState Nationals - 3rd Place Overall 1996 AMP - 1996 #1 Overall Professional 1997 NMA - Branson Youth Nationals - 125Pro - 5th Place 1998 AMA - Troy, OH - 125 Pro - 32nd 1998 AMA - Arkansas State Champion 1998 KTMXA - Kentucky Arenacross Champion 2000 AMA - West Tennessee State Champion 2000-2001 AMA/FIM - Team Coordinator KTM Redbull 2002 AMA - Amateur Arenacross Oakland, CA - +25 Pro - Champion 2005 AMA - Supermoto Lites (Wi - 17th)(CO 11th, 9th)(Reno - DNF) Highest qualifying position 6th 2010 Non - 24 Hour Starvation Ridge Race

Non Racing

GM Capitol Powersports Folsom/Sacramento Customer Service Field Manager - DR Horton Research Assistant - Fresno State Owner - Softer Image Sports Inc Owner - Founder/CEO -

Now Justin works as a mentor, environmental scientist and talk show radio host.