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The user hirak_99 is one of the millions of Wikipedia admirers. He resides in India, with time zone GMT+5:30.

He enjoys reading/writing/correcting science/movies/computer related Wikipedia articles, and takes immense pleasure in contributing positively to the community.

About the user[edit]


The user has a prolific mind and is interested in a vast variety of subjects. Among academics, his interests include psychology, mathematics, physics, artificial intelligence, computer science, programming. Among non-academics, his interests are movies, computer games, scientific fiction, chess, and many others.

Religious Beliefs[edit]

Although sometimes he sarcastically states that he believes in the IPU, in reality that is just another way of saying that this Wikipedian is a 'devout athiest'.


Wikipedian hirak_99 once used to be a great programmer. He still enjoys writing codes in his leisure time. He is versatile with many programming languages but he most often has used Java, C# or C++ for his tasks. Some of his programs that he is proud of are:

  • Find Duplicates - Finds duplicate files in the computer.
  • 3D Graph - Renders 3 Dimensional Manifolds given as a parametric or normal function and lets the user play around with it.
  • Ludo - A Ludo game for Windows featuring lots of customization options and AI opponents.
  • Sudoku Generator - C++ program that generates a valid Sudoku puzzle randomly.

The user distributes his softwares in his geocities homepage, which is located at Link doesn't work anymore: Sorry, the GeoCities web site you were trying to reach is no longer available. GeoCities has closed, but there's a lot more to explore on Yahoo!

Availability for realtime discussions[edit]

He is frequently available in Undernet #math channel, by the id KalEl (or one of its variants).

He also holds Yahoo! Messenger and gtalk ids.

He can be reached through email via this link in Wikipedia.

And last but not the least, just click here if you want to leave him a message through his talk page.


All about wiki[edit]

hirak_99 found the following links handy for his usage.

Interesting articles and pages[edit]

Following are some of the Wikipedia articles which hirak_99 liked.