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My wiki-interests[edit]

Solemn Declaration: I approve of, and strive sincerely to uphold, the Policies and Guidelines and the Five Pillars of Wikipedia.

The full list of my user contributions since November 16, 2004 when I first adopted the user name Historian is here:
Special:Contributions/Historian. My edit count is here.

Policies: I like to give headings to longer articles to improve their readability.

Here is a selection (just a few) of the wikipedia pages which I have started so far:


Anglo-Japanese relations

1. Anglo-Japanese relations
2. Sir Ernest Satow - my main research in the non-wiki world
3. Kikuchi Dairoku
4. Suematsu Kencho
5. Inagaki Manjiro
6. Japanese students in Britain
7. Duncan Gordon Boyes
8. Foreign cemeteries in Japan
9. Hugh Fraser
10. Henry Dyer
11. Imperial College of Engineering
12. Thomas Blake Glover
13. Richard Henry Brunton
14. Joseph Henry Longford
15. British Japan Consular Service
16. Yokohama Archives of History
17. Yamao Yozo
18. Gaikoku bugyō
19. European Association for Japanese Studies

Modern Japan

1. Monorails in Japan
2. Technical education in Japan

Japanese Rugby

1. Japan Rugby Football Union
2. Japan national rugby union team
3. Top League
4. Microsoft Cup
5. Sanix World Rugby Youth Tournament
6. Katsuyuki Kiyomiya
7. IBM Big Blue
8. Kyuden Voltex
9. 5th annual Top League (2007-8)
10. Kensuke Iwabuchi

Kitakyushu and environs

1. Kitakyushu Monorail
2. Kokura Castle
3. Riverwalk Kitakyushu
4. Space World
5. StarFlyer
6. New Kitakyushu Airport
7. Kyushu Institute of Technology.
8. Global Arena
9. Honjo Stadium
10. Kitakyushu Film Commission


1. Donald MacAlister
2. Cheltenham College
3. Alec Broers
4. Anglo-Chinese relations
5. West Melton, New Zealand
6. Edmund Gonville
7. Ian

I have started a few more including such categories as "British people in Japan", "Scottish people in Japan", "British diplomats" (now very large), "British diplomats in East Asia", "Diplomatic incidents", "Old Cheltonians" and "Japanese national universities", though one or two of them anonymously before I very briefly used the name "Roxymusic". I have since settled on the name "Historian", which I prefer, and I intend to stick with this one. (After all it includes my first name "Ian". Neat, eh? ;-)

I have written quite a bit of the early versions of the following pages: Scotland national rugby union team and individual players, Scottish Rugby Union, Kitakyushu and the wards of Kitakyushu, Treaty of Shimonoseki, Tsuwano etc.

And I have migrated quite a few of the VC holders from the Victoria Cross Reference website to wikipedia. (Duncan Boyes was one of these.) See Wikipedia:WikiProject Victoria Cross Reference Migration.

The following pages which I started have survived a Vote for Deletion (VfD):
Scottish rugby commentators and journalists
Andrew Miller (rugby player)

Images which I have uploaded[edit]

I have uploaded various photos taken by me and a few other images. See User:Historian/images. See also my contributions to Wikimedia Commons.

My non-wiki publications[edit]


In the real world I also write books, edit or translate them. See here. (Note: Hold on to your hat, you are about to leave wikipedia! Sayonara, Farewell and Haste ye back...) Or if you prefer, you are welcome just to look at the free previews, with the most recent first:

Press releases[edit]