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the West

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Hello! I'm a sixteen-year-old female and I live in the American west. I've been here since July 28, 2005. For further information, keep reading. I thank you if you correct any typos.

My name[edit]

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I named myself this because I'm a pisces and love to study history. At another site I called myself LonelyPisces (I'm lonely because I'm homeschooled), but everyone picked on me due to the name, so I left. My pen name is Beatrix Amber Robinson.

Other interests[edit]

Although I don't believe in the Invisible Pink Unicorn, I like unicorns and pink.

I like Dustin Hoffman and astrology. My favorite music is oldies. My favorite songs are Mrs. Robinson and In the Year 2525, although recently I almost stopped liking the former because I thought they said "She's a slut" instead of "Jesus loves". I also recently discovered another great song, Maxwell's Silver Hammer. Although I don't watch much television, my favorite shows are Family Feud, Jeopardy!, the old Twilight Zone and History Detectives. I don't have a favorite sport but I always root for my parents' team ( the San Diego Chargers) when they watch or listen to the games.


{{Spoiler}} My most current project is Vietnam Rising, a The Winds of War and War and Remembrance about the Vietnam war. I'm also collecting notes for an alternate history novel in which the Confederate States of America wins the American civil war and helps the Axis win World War II. {{endspoiler}}

Love life[edit]

Mom recently called me a slut because I want to flirt, marry and procreate. Now I'm trying to figure out a way to get revenge for that. In fact, unmarried males should be careful when posting on my talk page because I'm an admitted coquette (although I don't wish to be called the aforementioned nor a seductress).


My family owns a cat (Squeaks) and six chickens (Astro, Ginger, Goose, Nuggets, Pearl and Rhoda). We had to separate Nuggets from the rest because she was picking on Astro. At one time we also had a second cat (Sky), a seventh chicken (Ruby) and an alligator lizard (Sticky).


Mom and dad want a ferret once we move so it can catch rats, which cats can't. My brother likes Jackie Chan Adventures and imitates the voice of Uncle really well.