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Nothing But Nets Cameroon is a community programme of Junior Chamber International(JCI) Cameroon with the main aim of raising money for insecticide-treated mosquito nets.


Since 2008 Junior Chamber International (JCI) has partnered with United Nations Foundation (UNF) to help with its Nothing But Nets project whose goal is to buy and distribute long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets to prevent malaria deaths and reduce the severity of infections. JCI`s mission in this partnership is to raise money which will then be sent to the UNF to buy and distribute the nets.JCI achieves this goal through activities in its National Organisation Members (NOMs)or national branches.[[1]]

In Cameroon[edit]

Jaycees in Cameroon are organising events to acquire funds that will be sent to JCI world. This fundraising activity is refered to as JCI Cameroon Nothing But Nets or Nothing But Nets cameroon.[2]

The goal in cameroon for 2010 is to raise funds for at least 10000 nets.

The Fundraisers[edit]

There are two fundraising events announced in Cameroon for 2010. The first held in Buea on the 13th of April 2010. This was a music concert organised by UB Jaycees, a collegiate LOM(Local Organisation Member) of the University of Buea. The musicians were mainly local talent. The proceeds from this show, in addition to donations from a local businessman, will be sent through JCI Cameroon National Board to JCI world office.

The date of the second fundraiser is yet to be announced.It will hold in Yaounde, the capital city.


These activities will be repeated each year untill the United Nations Millenium Development Goals are considered achieved.

External Links[edit]

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