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Like many Wikipedia editors, I'm something of an accidental editor. It all started when I thought I'd just clarify one small thing on one article. For a while I was a relatively regular contributor (and couldn't work out why!). Today I'm a less frequent contributor, but still keep coming back, mainly adding bits to and shaping articles I've previously edited.

My contributions are both text and image based and have been led by a focus on the London neighbourhood of Harringay. This has led me to creating and contributing to articles relating to the area, but also to people, events and entities associated with it. Amazing where the links take you. The serendipitous part of my journey has led to me adding contributions which include a history of British food retailing (from when Home and Colonial Stores bought the old Harringay Arena building), through the life of theatre impresario Tom Arnold (who used to stage circuses at Harringay Arena), a whirlwind tour of the City (through three financial titans who successively occupied Harringay House in the late nineteenth century) and the lives of Lotus Cars founder Colin Chapman (who started Lotus Cars in a workshop next to his father's pub near one of the stations that serves Harringay) and of itinerant labourer turned building magnate John Cathles Hill (who built up much of Harringay and surrounding areas).

These tangential forays and many more are, I guess, what keep me coming back.