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Folks, after eleven years, I have decided to "retire" from active Wikipedia editing. For the past couple of years, I have done little more than monitor my watchlist daily and revert some silliness. I no longer enjoy the process at this level and I'm usually so busy with other activities, such as cartography, that I can't devote any significant time to writing or improving articles. I will leave the remainder of my user page below as an archive. I have contributed a number of maps over the years. As an exception to my retired status, if any editor contacts me to report an error in one of my maps, I will consider updating it. I will be more responsive to individual emails than to Talk page messages. See the yellow box below. Hal Jespersen (talk) 15:24, 7 April 2015 (UTC)
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Although I am a computer guy by trade (now retired), I have concentrated on American Civil War related topics since my first Wikipedia article on January 6, 2004. You can find out more about me on my personal website, Here are some Wikipedia statistics and tools related to my contributions:

If you would like to email me, which I would recommend if you intend to conduct a dialogue or ask a question, see this yellow box. Hal Jespersen (talk) 17:09, 14 June 2010 (UTC)

I have set up this page to display the long lists in multiple columns. This feature currently works only in Mozilla Firefox, I'm told. It sometimes is flaky and does not display the entire page. In those cases, I have found the resizing the width of the browser window and refreshing the page usually corrects the problem.

My contributions[edit]

Here's a list of articles I have created or modified substantially. I don't include articles that I've simply cleaned up, but only those for which I consider myself the principal (if not always the original) author. My favorites are listed in bold.

Style guide, bibliography, watchlist, maintained articles[edit]

  • My Style guide describes style decisions I use for my articles, in the hope that others will follow my lead for Civil War articles.
  • User:Hlj/Why is boilerplate language that I point to in the edit summaries about common reversions. Current sections in the file describe victory adjectives in battle boxes and how the names of battle articles are selected.
  • My Bibliography keeps track of References I've cited and includes samples of book, encyclopedia, journal, and magazine references.
  • My maintained articles (see those marked below with [M])
  • My User:Hlj/WPlinks is a handy list of Wikipedia abbreviated links.
  • My Campaign list is a dump of all the ACW Campaignbox templates, showing all the red links that could be fixed
  • My Wikipedia awards and barnstars.
  • My Zazzle page has tee-shirts and coffee mugs based on my Wikipedia maps.

Battles and campaigns [edit]

Some of the battle articles I've written include maps that I've created myself. I used Macromedia Freehand or Adobe Illustrator and have shared the source files on my website. On none of the these articles did I do the "battle boxes", although I usually correct them if I notice a problem. The ones that are marked with [M] are articles that I "maintain" by posting my name in their Talk pages. This is not done to denote ownership, but to provide a contact point for people with questions about citations, missing material, etc. The battle articles below are listed alphabetically by the name of the battle or campaign, ignoring First, Second, etc.

  1. Battle of Allatoona [M]
  2. Appomattox Campaign -- includes 3 maps
  3. Atlanta Campaign [M]
  4. Battle of Antietam -- 5 maps [M]
  5. Battle of Arkansas Post
  6. Battle of Beaver Dam Creek [M]
  7. Battle of Belmont [M]
  8. Bermuda Hundred Campaign [M]
  9. Battle of Big Black River Bridge
  10. Battle of Blackburn's Ford
  11. Battle of Brandy Station -- map [M]
  12. Bristoe Campaign [M]
  13. First Battle of Bull Run -- 5 maps [M]
  14. Second Battle of Bull Run -- 9! maps [M]
  15. Battle of Buck Head Creek
  16. Carolinas Campaign [M]
  17. Battle of Cedar Creek -- 2 maps [M]
  18. Cemetery Hill -- includes map [M]
  19. Battle of Champion Hill [M]
  20. Battle of Chancellorsville -- 6 maps [M]
  21. Battle of Chantilly (description of battle only)
  22. Chattanooga Campaign -- includes maps [M]
  23. First Battle of Chattanooga
  24. Second Battle of Chattanooga
  25. Battle of Chickamauga (aka Chickamauga Campaign) [M] -- 8 maps
  26. Battle of Chickasaw Bayou -- map [M]
  27. Battle of Cold Harbor -- 3 maps [M]
  28. Battle of Columbia -- map [M]
  29. Second Battle of Corinth -- 3 maps [M]
  30. Battle of Cross Keys [M]
  31. Culp's Hill -- includes 3 maps [M]
  32. Battle of Davis's Cross Roads -- map
  33. Battle of Decatur [M]
  34. First Battle of Deep Bottom -- map [M]
  35. Second Battle of Deep Bottom -- map [M]
  36. Battle of Drewry's Bluff [M]
  37. Eastern Theater of the American Civil War [M]
  38. Battle of Eltham's Landing [M]
  39. Battle of Fair Oaks & Darbytown Road -- stub so far
  40. Battle of Fort Donelson -- 3 maps [M]
  41. Battle of Fort Henry -- 2 maps [M]
  42. Battle of Fort Pillow -- I did 50-75% of the article [M]
  43. Battle of Fort Sanders [M]
  44. Battle of Fort Stedman [M]
  45. Battle of Fort Sumter [M] -- I did about 75% of this article + one map
  46. Franklin-Nashville Campaign [M]
  47. Battle of Franklin (1864) -- 2 maps [M]
  48. Battle of Fredericksburg -- 3 maps [M]
  49. Battle of Gaines's Mill -- 3 maps [M]
  50. Gettysburg Campaign -- 2 maps [M]
  51. Gettysburg Union order of battle [M]
  52. Gettysburg Confederate order of battle [M]
  53. Battle of Gettysburg -- 6 maps [M]
  54. Battle of Gettysburg, First Day -- includes a number of detailed maps [M]
  55. Battle of Gettysburg, Second Day -- includes maps [M]
  56. Battle of Gettysburg, Third Day cavalry battles -- includes maps [M]
  57. Retreat from Gettysburg [M]
  58. Battle of Glendale [M]
  59. Battle of Globe Tavern [M]
  60. Battle of Griswoldville
  61. Battle of Hanover Court House [M]
  62. Battle of Harpers Ferry -- map [M]
  63. Battle of Hartsville
  64. Battle of Haw's Shop -- 2 maps [M]
  65. Battle of High Bridge [M]
  66. Battle of Iuka -- 2 maps [M]
  67. Battle of Jackson (MS)
  68. Jackson's Valley Campaign -- 3 maps [M]
  69. Battle of Jerusalem Plank Road [M]
  70. Battle of Johnsonville [M]
  71. Battle of Kelly's Ford [M]
  72. Battle of Kennesaw Mountain -- 2 maps [M]
  73. First Battle of Kernstown -- map [M]
  74. Knoxville Campaign -- map [M]
  75. Little Round Top (about 75% of article + 2 maps) [M]
  76. Battle of Lookout Mountain [M]
  77. Maryland Campaign [M]
  78. Battle of Meadow Bridge (I expanded slightly and added citations) [M]
  79. Battle of Mill Springs -- 2 maps [M]
  80. Battle of Mine Run [M]
  81. Battle of Missionary Ridge [M] -- map; I did not write a lot of the Thomas material, but cleaned it and cited it
  82. Battle of Monocacy [M]
  83. Fight at Monterey Pass [M]
  84. Battle of Nashville [M]
  85. Battle of North Anna -- 3 maps [M]
  86. Northern Virginia Campaign -- map [M]
  87. Battle of Oak Grove [M]
  88. Battle of Old Church [M]
  89. Overland Campaign -- 7 maps (not including battle maps) [M]
  90. Peninsula Campaign -- map [M]
  91. Battle of Perryville -- 6 maps [M]
  92. First Battle of Petersburg [M]
  93. Second Battle of Petersburg [M]
  94. Siege of Petersburg -- 8 maps [M]
  95. Battle of Philippi Races [M]
  96. Pickett's Charge -- map [M]
  97. Battle of Port Republic [M]
  98. Second Battle of Ream's Station [M]
  99. Battle of Saint Mary's Church [M]
  100. Battle of Savage's Station [M]
  101. Battle of Sayler's Creek
  102. Seven Days Battles -- 3 maps [M]
  103. Battle of Seven Pines -- map [M]
  104. Sherman's March to the Sea -- map [M]
  105. Battle of Shiloh -- 3 maps [M]
  106. Battle of South Mountain [M]
  107. Battle of Spotsylvania Court House -- 7 maps [M]
  108. Battle of Spring Hill -- 2 maps [M]
  109. Battle of Stones River -- 7 maps [M]
  110. Battle of Totopotomoy Creek -- 3 maps [M]
  111. Battle of Trevilian Station -- 3 maps [M]
  112. Tullahoma Campaign -- map [M]
  113. Valley Campaigns of 1864 [M]
  114. Vicksburg Campaign -- 2 maps [M]
  115. Siege of Vicksburg -- 3 maps [M]
  116. Western Theater of the American Civil War -- overview with 5 maps [M]
  117. Battle of White Oak Swamp [M]
  118. Battle of the Wilderness -- 7 maps [M]
  119. Battle of Williamsburg [M]
  120. Wilson's Raid [M]
  121. Battle of Wilson's Wharf [M]
  122. Battle of Yellow Tavern
  123. Battle of Yorktown (1862) [M]


The bold entries are those articles that I like the best. Those marked with [M] are maintained articles (see above for explanation).

  1. Edward Porter Alexander
  2. Richard H. Anderson
  3. Lewis Addison Armistead
  4. Turner Ashby
  5. William W. Averell [M]
  6. Romeyn B. Ayres [M]
  7. John B. Bachelder [M]
  8. Old Baldy (horse) [M]
  9. William Barksdale [M]
  10. Francis C. Barlow [M]
  11. James Barnes (general) [M]
  12. Ed Bearss
  13. P.G.T. Beauregard [M]
  14. Henry L. Benning [M]
  15. David B. Birney [M]
  16. Braxton Bragg [M]
  17. John M. Brockenbrough [M]
  18. Simon Bolivar Buckner, Sr. (primarily the military parts)
  19. Don Carlos Buell [M]
  20. John L. Burns [M]
  21. Ambrose Burnside [M]
  22. Daniel Butterfield [M]
  23. John C. Caldwell [M]
  24. Bruce Catton [M]
  25. Benjamin F. Cheatham [M]
  26. Philip St. George Cooke [M]
  27. Samuel Cooper (general) [M]
  28. Darius N. Couch [M]
  29. Jacob Dolson Cox (I claim about 75% credit for this one) [M]
  30. Samuel W. Crawford [M]
  31. George B. Crittenden
  32. George Armstrong Custer (all the Civil War information and considerable cleanup of the remainder)
  33. Lysander Cutler [M]
  34. James Dearing
  35. Thomas Devin [M]
  36. Abner Doubleday [M]
  37. Jubal Anderson Early [M]
  38. Richard S. Ewell [M]
  39. John B. Floyd [M]
  40. William B. Franklin [M]
  41. William H. French
  42. William Gamble (general) [M]
  43. Richard B. Garnett [M]
  44. John W. Geary
  45. John Brown Gordon [M]
  46. George S. Greene [M]
  47. David McMurtrie Gregg [M]
  48. Henry Wager Halleck [M]
  49. Wade Hampton (primarily ACW part) [M]
  50. Winfield Scott Hancock [M]
  51. William J. Hardee [M]
  52. Herman Haupt [M]
  53. William Babcock Hazen [M]
  54. Henry Heth [M]
  55. Ethan A. Hitchcock (general) [M]
  56. Theophilus H. Holmes
  57. John Bell Hood [M]
  58. Joseph Hooker [M]
  59. Jedediah Hotchkiss [M]
  60. Oliver O. Howard [M]
  61. Benjamin Huger (general) [M]
  62. Andrew A. Humphreys [M]
  63. Henry Jackson Hunt [M]
  64. David Hunter [M]
  65. Alfred Iverson, Jr. [M]
  66. John D. Imboden
  67. Bushrod Johnson [M]
  68. Edward "Allegheny" Johnson [M]
  69. Joseph E. Johnston [M]
  70. William E. Jones [M]
  71. James E. Kelly (artist)
  72. James L. Kemper [M]
  73. Judson Kilpatrick (ACW historical parts)
  74. James H. Lane (general) [M]
  75. Evander M. Law [M]
  76. James H. Ledlie [M]
  77. Fitzhugh Lee [M]
  78. William Henry Fitzhugh Lee [M]
  79. James Longstreet [M]
  80. John B. Magruder [M]
  81. Joseph K. Mansfield [M]
  82. John McCausland
  83. George B. McClellan [M]
  84. John Alexander McClernand
  85. Alexander McDowell McCook [M]
  86. Lafayette McLaws [M]
  87. George Meade [M]
  88. Dixon S. Miles [M]
  89. George W. Morell
  90. Albert J. Myer [M]
  91. William "Bull" Nelson
  92. John Newton (engineer) [M]
  93. Richard James Oglesby
  94. John C. Pemberton
  95. J. Johnston Pettigrew [M]
  96. George Pickett [M]
  97. Gideon Johnson Pillow [M]
  98. Alfred Pleasonton [M]
  99. Leonidas Polk [M]
  100. John Pope (military officer) [M]
  101. Fitz John Porter [M]
  102. Stephen Dodson Ramseur [M]
  103. John F. Reynolds [M]
  104. Robert E. Rodes [M]
  105. William Rosecrans [M]
  106. John Sedgwick [M]
  107. Paul Jones Semmes
  108. Philip Sheridan [M]
  109. Daniel Sickles [M]
  110. Franz Sigel [M]
  111. Henry Warner Slocum [M]
  112. Edmund Kirby Smith [M]
  113. William "Extra Billy" Smith [M]
  114. William Farrar Smith [M]
  115. George J. Stannard [M]
  116. Alexander P. Stewart
  117. Adolph von Steinwehr
  118. George Stoneman [M]
  119. J.E.B. Stuart [M]
  120. George Sykes [M]
  121. George Henry Thomas -- Civil War portions [M]
  122. Lorenzo Thomas [M]
  123. Lloyd Tilghman [M]
  124. Alfred Thomas Torbert [M]
  125. Traveller (horse) [M]
  126. Isaac R. Trimble [M]
  127. Régis de Trobriand [M]
  128. Emory Upton [M]
  129. Strong Vincent [M]
  130. James S. Wadsworth [M]
  131. Gouverneur K. Warren [M]
  132. Alexander S. Webb [M]
  133. Alpheus S. Williams [M]
  134. James H. Wilson [M]
  135. Horatio Wright [M]
  136. Samuel K. Zook [M]


  1. Cavalry in the American Civil War [M]
  2. Cemetery Ridge [M]
  3. Council of war [M]
  4. Devil's Den [M]
  5. Field Artillery in the American Civil War [M]
  6. Gettysburg Battlefield -- terrain and history of the battlefield, but another editor has been making extensive changes and I no longer maintain it
  7. Hardee hat
  8. List of horses of the American Civil War [M]
  9. Military crest
  10. Signal Corps in the American Civil War [M]

The following were originally written by me, but they have gone through so many contentious edits that I no longer claim credit or pay much attention to them any more:

  1. Lost Cause of the Confederacy
  2. Naming the American Civil War
  3. Turning point of the American Civil War

Unit histories[edit]

Menu templates[edit]

I also created this template, although it has been enhanced considerably by others since its introduction:

This one, too:

To-do list, battles [edit]

I invite anyone to select items from my to-do list and work on them before I get a chance to do so. In those cases where I would like to reserve an article for myself, I have annotated them. Bold items are short-term priorities for me. The ones that are marked simply "needs footnotes" are ones I consider well written articles with solid references, but do not meet current Wikipedia standards for in-line citations. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of all the work needed for Civil War battle articles, but is a list of articles I am interested in creating or improving. When a campaign is listed, it implies that the battle articles in that campaign probably need expansion, too.

To-do list, bios [edit]

For those that I have annotated "needs footnotes," I am suggesting that these are the more important, more visible articles, whether or not I am the principal author. For shorter articles that have a small number of references, footnotes are good, but lower priority. For the great majority of these, the tiny lead paragraphs need to be expanded to summarize the contents of the article. Bold entries are ones I am prioritizing higher than the others for now.

To-do list, miscellaneous[edit]