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You will not be seeing much of me around Wikipedia as I regularly revert vandalism or patrol new pages. Once in a while, I may decide to leave my cave and join in a discussion. My first name is Delaney, but I prefer to go by my middle name which is Katy. I just turned 17 this past August 11, and I have recently started the 11th grade. The way I am educated is set up a little strangely. I go to school for my electives, then come home so I can take my core classes on FLVS. My interests would include reading, anime/manga, music, movies, video games and hanging out with friends. That is about all the basic information about me. Some interesting facts about me

1. My first name is a Gaelic name meaning child of dark defiance.

2. I want to be an archaeologist after I finish college.

3. I have lived in Florida all of my life.

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BtVS This user helped Buffy blow up Sunnydale High.
FG This user thinks Family Guy is freakin' sweet.