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Hey there[edit]

My name is Holly. I am a 2X-year-old student at Somewhere University and an administrative assistant at Some Place College. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, currently living in Chicagoland.

I have been a registered Wikipedian since October 2002. I edited for a while, but then I guess I either forgot about this place or became busy with other things. I returned in May 2005 and found that Wikipedia was a lot different than how I left it: now there are categories, templates, and a Recent Changes page that fills up faster than you can blink.

As a displaced Wisconsinite, I participate in WikiProject Wisconsin. I also help with stub sorting, categorizing, wikifying, copyediting, and the like.

Articles created[edit]

Here are some articles (stubs) that I have started: Abner Kirby, Albert G. Schmedeman, Bean Station, Tennessee, Benedictine University, Byron Kilbourn, Cardinal Stritch University, Edward Scofield, George H. Walker, George Wilbur Peck, Gerhard A. Bading, Gladys Porter Zoo, Grand Pre, Nova Scotia, H. L. Davis, Harrison Ludington, Harrogate, Tennessee, Henry W. Maier, Homer Glen, Illinois, Horace Chase, I (album), Isaac P. Walker, Isaac Stephenson, James Kilbourne, James O. Davidson, James S. Brown, James T. Lewis, Jesse White (actor), Jesse White (politician), Jim Doyle (Canadian politician), John Black (Wisconsin politician), John Bohn, John C. Koch, John R. Quinn, John W. Reynolds, Joseph V. Quarles, Leonard J. Farwell, Louis P. Harvey, Lucius Fairchild, Martin J. Schreiber, Pee Wee King, Philetus Sawyer, Sherburn M. Becker, St. Augusta, Minnesota, The Real World, U.S. Bank Center, Whynot, Mississippi, William C. Rauschenberger, William E. Smith, William H. Upham, William Pitt Lynde, William R. Taylor (politician)