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I was born in the 1970s in F.Rep.GERM. Today I am disabled mentally, so that I am totally and permanently unable to work. I would like to help Wikipedia to comply to the truth as exactly as humanly possible. The homepage of a workgroup that is quite tightly related to my person, can be found here.

Because I have to celebrate at 24th March in every year again as long as I am alive, and because tuberculosis might be quite a threat to everybody, I would like to mention here, that at that same day World Health Organisation and other such organisations desire to have World Tuberculosis Day.

Brunsbüttel, 2006-11-22
Arne Wörner

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I dont want to be responsible for what I write or do or say... Take into account my mental disability, please. Any advice (especially legal and/or medical), I might give, is worth almost nothing due to a lack of license...


My current PGP public key (0x1FC9C9C6) can be found here.

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Gothic-arch barn purchased from Sears
Gothic-arch barn purchased from Sears

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Can of New Coke

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