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Who am I?

I am Fortunat Mueller-Maerki, a horological enthusiast and horological scholar, which means I am extremly interested in the history, art and science of timekeeping, timekeepers and time. My roots are in Switzerland, but I currently live in the USA.

I am active in many horological organizations and subscribe to to over two dozen horological periodicals. In addition I am a certified "bibliomaniac", and have amassed one of the worlds broadest privately held horological libraries with about 8000 volumes on clocks, watches, timekeeping and time.

I regularly write articles for various horological periodicals, and frequently review newly published books for them. Since retiring a few years ago I regularly organize and lead horological study tours for Americans to Europe and for Europeans to the USA.

In addition I am currently working on creating the infrastructure for a wiki-style, collaborative, internet website called "Bibliographia Horlogiae Mundi", a global, multi-langage bibliography of the worlds horological literature.

I enthusiastically endorse the Wikipedia philosophy of collaboration and position of neutrality. In addition to augmenting the horological content of Wikipedia since I joined in Summer of 2006, I have corrected or expanded other Wikipedia entries if I stumble over mistakes or omissions in my regular use of Wikipedia as an information source.

I cam be reached by email at

As an occasional contributor to wikipedia who may go for a few month without contributing I find many of the rules and procedures confusing, all to often I find that e.g. I have good selftaken photo that I would be willing to add to a wikipedia article by putting it in the commons, but I get frustrated in trying to upload and remember what kind of license I need to give etc. I realize wikipedia is a huge and complex undertaking but the help sections are close to useless for the beginner or occasional user.