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I'm Joey, I use he/him and ze/zir pronouns (or ze/hir, I can never decide), and I'm here to help! I'm a pooka who does a lot of needlecrafts, so I'm interested in contributing to the Textile Arts WikiProject and Furry WikiProject. I make a lot of my own userboxes, you can look at them here.


This user is alterhuman.
102-weary-cat-faceOn the internet, nobody knows you're a cat.
Computer-kittenThis user knows that furries make the internets go.
Garnknäuel gefärbt.jpgThis user enjoys knitting.
Clydesdale3This user's daemon is a clydesdale.

📝This user is a member of the wiki_editors community on Pillowfort!
Octicons-git-commitThis user writes edit summaries in the imperative mood.