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ATTENTION! I am not trying to maintain multiple identities here. I was put under an SP investigation awhile back, (it was unfounded based on agreeing with another editor who was accused of being a SP about the Harvey Levin article, which I thought could use some more facts and was unbalanced about his homosexuality), but I agreed to try to be logged-in while I edit because some people have problems with IP editors. I also use or have used another name while editing here on WP HousewifeHader. That one is my "old" name, and this one was/is my newer name, and of course there are my IP edits. I do not use the 3 identities to try to confuse anyone or talk to myself, (SP...).....actually, the only person who is getting confused the most is myself. Now I'm wondering if i should try a CLEANSTART or just open a new account? Continuing probs as far as being logged-out by the system, and worse not being able to find edits that I have made in order to check on those articles, (for some reason my contributions on this name that I am intentionally trying to stay logged-in-as only go back for a few days although I can manually search and find much older edits made with the same name.
So I'm thinking that a new account or a CLEANSTART might help that problem, by getting rid of the two names, I still don't know if the logging-out prob. can be solved. And i really don't know how having the two names could cause the 1st problem either.
Housewifehader (talk) 07:01, 30 July 2013 (UTC) This editor is fully committed to preservation. If you are visiting this page because I undid your deletion,or voted to keep an article slated for deletion, don't take it personally. This is my mission here!TeeVeeed (talk) 01:33, 21 May 2013 (UTC)