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I'm an internets celebrity now! Good ol' logical argumentative skills got some "Oh, snap!"-worthy quotes of mine on a featured article at Encyclopedia Dramatica. (I'd have been on the debate team in high school, but I was scared of my own shadow. To be fair, though, my shadow was one intimidating motherfucker.)

(゚、 。 7
 l、 ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ

Articles I'm Anal About[edit]

  • Judas Priest - Like them or not, there's no denying this band has had a huge influence on heavy metal. After chewing through drummers like a chipmunk through acorns, Priest has kinda washed out, but they're still better than Death Cab for Cutie. I'm waiting for a day when I feel enough like slogging through the entire article AGAIN to completely rewrite it AGAIN, because people keep adding the most worthless lines and no one seems to catch it.
  • Kamen Rider 555 - Great show. But, swear to God, if I have to totally rewrite the entire thing in Esperanto to make the goddamn page fail less, I'll do it. Don't push me!
  • Star Trek: Enterprise - Love it. Too bad it got cancelled so quickly. Thanks for the support, Trekkies. Let's hope your irrational hatred for everything non-TOS doesn't reset with the new movie, assholes.
  • Kamen Rider Blade - I accidently started an edit war over this article the other day. It's a good show, but like so much else in WikiProject Tokusatsu, it's overflowing with garbage that some parties refuse to let be removed. Go figure.

Some Stuff I Started[edit]

Because damn near every userpage has this section, presumably to see whose e-cock is bigger, I'll include my own section for the sake of it.

  • Karsa Orlong - A character from some books. I liked him, he had no page, I made it. Apparently, I made my account here just for this article, and contributed to the whole Malazan Book of the Fallen thing for a bit right at the start.
  • Meanas - From the same series as Karsa, it's a fictional realm in the ZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzz.... it's since been merged into another article, which is fair enough.
  • Cotillion (Malazan) - Hey, look. More Malazan stuff. This guy lives in Meanas, so... yeah. I've mostly abandoned my Malazan stuff; it's not even on my watchlist anymore.
  • Iron Dawn - A book by an author I adore. I haven't even read this book, honestly, but that doesn't mean I don't want to. I made it with the intent of reading the book and then writing the article, but the book is extremely hard to find.
  • List of Kamen Rider 555 episodes - I think the title explains it all. The series needed the episodes split off, so I did. Now, if only someone else would write the summaries. I don't feel like downloading the series all over again.
  • Where My Heart Will Take Me - An article about a song, split off from a huge section that had little to do with the song, thusly... ta.