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R.I.P. Spanky, 1999-2006

I am Howard Cheng and I am an administrator both on English Wikipedia (see nomination) and on Commons. I primarily write the selected anniversaries sections of the Main Page.

As a Commons admin, I am also familiar with copyrights and fair use issues, although I am not an intellectual property attorney.

My other favorite thing to do is dig through image archives such as the Library of Congress and upload suitable images. If you are so inclined, please have a look at the lists of my image uploads on Commons and on Wikipedia.

Other stuff:


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Selected anniversaries[edit]

I do almost all of the scheduling for this:

May 28

The Spanish Armada
The Spanish Armada

Mary Polly Paaaina (d. 1873) · Patrick White (b. 1912) · Kylie Minogue (b. 1968)

More anniversaries:


I used to write the blurb for this (May 2006–January 2013):

Picture of the day
All Souls College, Oxford

Hawksmoor Towers at All Souls College, a constituent college of the University of Oxford in England. All Souls is one of the wealthiest colleges in Oxford, with a financial endowment of £286.4m (2014), but only ranks nineteenth among Oxford colleges with respect to total income. The college has no undergraduate members; each year, recent graduate and postgraduate students at Oxford are eligible to apply for Examination Fellowships through a competitive examination and an interview.

Photograph: Andrew Shiva
ArchiveMore featured pictures...

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