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Legend of Spyro

Plotline A rare purple dragon of prophecy, on a voyage of self-discovery, struggles to come to terms with his potential while finding himself embroiled in an epic struggle against evil.

Cast Mark Hamill as Malefor Blair Underwood as Hunter of Avalar Martin Jarvis as The Chronicler Kevin Michael Richardson as Terrador, Gaul, Skabb, Conductor Jeff Bennett as Cyril, Mole-Yair, Skabb Corey Burton as Volteer, Exhumor Gary Oldman as Christina Ricci as Cynder Cree Summer as Cynder David Spade as Sparx Elijah Wood as Spyro

Directed Mark Dippe

Produced by Animation Picture Company & Dreamworks

Release July 13, 2014

Home Media November 20, 2014