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Food for thought[edit]

Dan Snaith previously recorded under the stage name Manitoba, but changed it in 2004 under threat of an American lawsuit by musician and DJ "Richard Manitoba" (born "Richard Blum" (not to be confused with Richard C. Blum, a banker)). Snaith is quoted as saying that he chose the name "Caribou" while on an LSD trip with friends in the Canadian wilderness.

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Wikipedia articles created[edit]

I created the following page(s):

Vancouver (& area)-related




Wikipedia articles contributed to[edit]

Most of my writing and editing tends to be in environmental fields. I also watch ~ 40 calendar articles (e.g. "April 4") due to the frequency of vanity edits on such pages.

In addition, I do some editing of topics related to geography, history and politics. Here are some of the articles that I have done a fair bit of work on:

Air pollution, Air pollution in British Columbia, Asino, Russia, Bishop Kelly High School, Caribou (musician),Clean coal, Cretan war, Environment Canada, Epaphroditus,Fraser Valley of BC, Hippothoe, Joseph Robert Wright, Jr., Keats Island, British Columbia, Kensington-Cedar Cottage, Kingsway (Vancouver), Nazi hunter, Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre, The Sentinel (2006 film), Treadmill, Vancouver, Vancouver Lake (Washington), William B. Ellern