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Hello world! :)

I am a French citizen, currently living in London. As such, my English is as terrible as it is generally assumed to be for any average French expat (and you don't even imagine how outrageous I sound). So do not hesitate to correct the many grammatical, spelling, etc. errors I continuously make while attempting to glorify French-related articles on en:Wikipedia. I will not take any offence, quite the contrary: I will reward you with a delicious cookie pain au chocolat! :D

As this user regards it as his holiest duty to spread the sophisticated Culture française, he will only answer to extremely beautiful and very à la mode female Wikipedians (HQ pictures required) writing their messages in the very purest version of the langue française (or as it is also known, la langue de l'amour). Any attempt to force moi to answer to any personal messages that will fail to be presented that way - including messages with only one typing mistake - will result in immediate and massive retaliation by the French air force. Cordialement, Huiva (talk) 21:55, 12 September 2014 (UTC)