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Full name : Hungarian Association for Geo-information Type of association : Non-profit, interdisciplinary umbrella association Date of foundation : 9th November 1994 Date of Court registration: 8th January 1996, 14th August 2002: classified as Public Benefit Society Members : about 100 Institutions and Organisations, and Student section from 14 universities URL: link


- to promote, stimulate, encourage and support the development and use of GI and its associated technologies - to strengthen the institutional links between the multidisciplinary GI communities in Hungary and in abroad. - to provide representation and visibility of the GI community's interests in the European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information (EUROGI), and to build up contacts with similar national GI associations. HUNAGI carries out actions related to the EUROGI membership and provides representation of its members' interest on international fora.


Facilitating the implementation of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure by networking, knowledge transfer and information dissemination Domestic level: Partner of the National Development Agency, MoARD and the Ministry of Environment and Water in SDI and INSPIRE-related actions Awareness raising, networking. Partner in joint actions. European level: EU 7th Framework Programme (LAPSI), European Spatial Data Infrastructure (INSPIRE SDIC), Public Sector Information (PSI Platform). During the past several years close collaboration with EUROGI, EuroCadastre (PCC), EuroGeographics, GISIG and European Institutions eg. DG JRC, DG InfSo, DGEnvi and Eurostat. HUNAGI members are affiliated with EuroGeoSurvey, AGILE, EuroSDR, EFITA and other Pan-European organisations. Project involvement includes: Humboldt, ePSInet, eSDI-Net+, EURADIN, CASCADOSS. UN Regional/Subregional: UNECE CHML, WPLA, FAO SEUR, UNOOSA, UN-SPIDER Global level: Membership in Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association and links with Digital Earth. Its members are active in FIG, ISPRS, ICA, IAG, CEOS WGISS, UNGIWG. HUNAGI participated all of the GSDI Conferences since 1996. HUNAGI and its members prepared more than 25 high-profile international conferences in the past 12 years including CEOS WGISS/WGCV, FIG and AGILE. HUNAGI was member of the International Year of the Planet Earth (IYPE) National Committee (2007-2009) and acts as correspondent to the GEO Secretariat in Geneva via the GEO Hungarian National Committee and GSDI Association.


  • January 2009

Participation of the eSDI-Net+ Inter-WP Meeting hosted by SEERC in Thessaloniki Participation of the EUMETSAT-OMSZ-MÜI Information Day hosted by the Hung. Meteo Service in Budapest Participation of the CASCADOSS Regional Meeting hosted by Compet-Terra in Szeged

  • February 2009

Participation of the ePSIplus Closing Thematic Workshop on GIS/Meteo hosted by the Documentation France in Paris Participation of the EUROGI ExCom hosted by IGN, Madrid Participation of the CASCADOSS Workshop hosted by FÖMI

  • March 2009

Participation of the eSDI-Net+ Consortium Meeting in Leuven Participation of the EUROGI ExCom Meeting, Members Day and Annual General Meeting in Brussels

  • April 2009

HUNAGI Presidential Board Meeting Participation of the Hungarian Space Research Council Meeting Preparing the LAPSI Project-related Task Force Team MLBKT-HUNAGI Workshop Series on GIS in Logistics Meeting with the President and Secretary of the Geosciences Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in the subject Digital Earth

  • May 2009

Participation of the gita Hungary Conference in Balatonalmádi Participation of the CEE-SDI in Prague Taking part of the CEOS WGISS27 Meeting in Toulouse Annual HUNAGI General Assembly HUNAGI-MoEW contract completed

  • June 2009

Participation GSDI-11 Conference in Rotterdam Co-chairmanhip, GSDI WG on Economics

  • July 2009

Preparation of the European Address Infrastructure National Workshop (EURADIN) hosted by FÖMI in Budapest

  • August 2009

Preparation of the EURADIN National Workshop Consultancy provided for the State Audit Office

  • September 2009

Organising the EURADIN National Workshop in Budapest Participation of the ISDE-6 in Beijing Participation of the ISDE ExCom Meeting in Beijing with contribution to the Beijing Declaration 2009 Participation of the Editorial Board Meeting of th Int’l Journal of Digital Earth in Beijing Participation of the eSDI-Net+ Consortium Meeting in Krakow High-level consultation with relevant NGOs

  • October 2009

EUROGI ExCom Meeting hosted by HUNAGI in Budapest Expert contribution to PLAN4ALL invited by WP leader HUNAGI presentation on SDI evaluation at ESRI HU Users‘ Conference in Budapest HUNAGI Presidential Board Meeting hosted by VÁTI HUNAGI invited to the 10th UNGIWG Plenary and Poster Exhibition hosted by UN OOSA SPIDER in Bonn

  • November 2009

Participation of the Society and GIS Conference organised by ELTE TTK TFT in Budapest Participation of the GIS Day event organised jointly by ELTE TGT SASFA and HUNAGI in Budapest SME4SPACE Workshop organised by HUNSPACE Budapest NatureSDI+ Workshop hosted by MoEW in Budapest Participation of the Light-Space-Imagery Conference organised by GeoIQ and MFTTT in Dobogókő Participation of the HUMBOLDT Rewiever and Advisory Board Meeting hosted by Fraunhofer Institute in Darmstadt Meeting of Local Organizers of the HUNAGI Conference 2010 eSDI-NET+ Consortium Meeting, Turin EUROGI ExCom and General Board Meetings in Turin European SDI Best Practice Award Conference, Turin AGEO National EURADIN Conference, Vienna

  • December 2009

HUNAGI visited the Faculty of Natural Resources Management of the Károly Róbert College in Gyöngyös. Talks with Chair of the Nat. Council of Comm and Informatics Two Hungarians among the founding members of the International Geospatial Society EURADIN project report completed for EUROGI HUNAGI officer asked to serve as advisor to the Past President of GSDI Association Talks with the eGovernance Center of the Prime Minister’s Office on the PSI and re-use related project LAPSI

  • January 2010

Hungarian Post Office joined to HUNAGI Attend and promote Digital Earth at the Closing Meeting of the Hungarian National Committee on IYPE (2007-2009) hosted by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Attend and promote the application of GI/EO-related novel technologies at the Joint Board Meeting of the Hungarian Space Council and the Space Research Board of HSO Hungarian version of completed Joining the LinkedIn‘s GOV-OSS-Resource Center forum Setting up Hungarian SDI Group in INSPIRE Forum Attending DG JRC brainstorming on Europe in Digital Earth

  • February 2010

HUNAGI attends the EUROGI ExCom Meeting in Rome Compilation of GI/EO Calendar of Conferences in the CEE & SEE Countries in 2010-2011 for EUROGI ExCom Invitation to the Ed. Board of the J. of Agricultural Informatics Brainstorming on the possible events under the Hungarian EU Presidentship in first Semester of 2011 HUNAGI Conference on OSS and free spatial data for Local Governments with international session hosted by MoARD EU LAPSI project preparation meeting

  • March 2010

Preparation of the European Address Infrastructure National Workshop (EURADIN) hosted by FÖMI in Budapest ITD-HUNSPACE-HSO talks with Bavarian Space sector representatives and EADS Astrium eSDI-Net+ Consortium meeting hosted by Fraunhofer Institute Co-organising the2nd National EURADIN Workshop Attend LAPSI project kick-off meeting in Turin Attend EUROGI Annual General Board Meeting in Brussels

  • April 2010

Sign of the State Audit Office-HUNAGI contract Sign of the HUNSPACE-HUNAGI Cooperation Agreement

  • May 2010

Self-assessment methodology development for SDIs. eSDINETplus project meeting in La Defense, Paris GSDI presentation at the WGISS-29 Plenary on data policy, best practices and disaster management and response

  • June 2010

Presentation at the Digital Earth Summit, Nessebar eSDI-Netplus Closing Workshop, Consortium Meeting INSPIRE Conference, Krakow

  • July 2010

ISPRS Centennal Assembly and Conference, Vienna EU FP6 HUMBOLDT project Reviewer’s Meeting, Valencia

  • August 2010

HUNSPACE-HUNAGI talks on Space Workshop in Miskolc

  • September 2010

Int’l SDI Conference in Skopje HUNSPACE-HUNAGI Space Workshop, Visegrád Geospatial Intelligence Summit, Vienna

HUNAGI MEMBERS Entries with Year and serial number of the enrollement

ACADEMIA 1994 12 Faculty of Geoinformatics, University of West-Hungary 1996 14 ATC Agroinformatics and Applied Mathematics Dept, University of Debrecen 1997 23 Dept of Physical Geography, József Attila Univ. of Sciences 1999 25 Institute for Environmental and Landscape Management, Szent István University, Gödöllő 2000 26 Chair of Landscape Planning and Regional Development, Budapest Corvinus University 27 Research Institute of Soil Sciences and Agrochemistry of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA TAKI) 2001 35 Chair of Water- and Environment Management, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Debrecen University 37 Department of Cartographic Science and Geoinformatics, L.Eötvös University 41 Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Agricultural Sci., Univ. Kaposvár 45 Chair of Surveying and Remote Sensing, Inst. of Geomatics and Engineering Faculty of Forestry, University of West-Hungary 2002 60 Research Institute for Ecology and Botany, Hung.Acad. of Sci. 2003 67 Department of Surveying and Geodesy Budapest Univ of Technology and Economics 90 Regional Research Centre Alföld of the Hung. Acad. of Sciences (MTA RKK) 91 Pollack Mihály College of Engineering, Department of Public Utilities, Geodesy and Environmental Protection, University of Pécs 2004 Chair of Automation, Veszprém University 109 Research Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics, Hung. Acad. of Sciences (MTA GGKI) 2005 123 Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Public Administration Department for Public Management and Urban Studies 2008 140 BCE Department of Mathematics & Informatics 2010 156 University of Debrecen, Dept of Physical Geography and Geoinformatics 158 Institute fo Agroinformatics and Rural Development, Faculty of Natural Resource Management and Rural Development Károly Róbert College


1995 11 Hungarian Space Research Office 1996 15 Mapping Service of the Hungarian Defence Forces 1997 16 Geological Institute of Hungary (MÁFI) 17 Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (FÖMI) incl. 8 subscribed projects (INSPIRE, LandCover, LPIS, PIR, GNSS, Int‘lRelations, MADOP DigitalLandOffices, VINGIS) 18 GRID Budapest 1998 24 Regional Development and Town Planning PNC (VÁTI) 2001 46 Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) 2002 40 Mapping Nonprofit Co., MoDefence 51 Baranya County Land Office 55 Capital Land Office 61 Somogy County Land Office 2003 85 Tolna County Land Office 98 Pest County Land Office 101 Csongrád County Land Office 102 Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Land O 106 Békés County Land Office 2005 116 Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Land Office 122 Heves County Land Office 119 Bács-Kiskun County Land Office 120 Hajdú-Bihar County Land Office 2006 128 FVMMI, Gödöllő 129 Zala County Land Office 130 Vas County Land Office 131 Education and Advisory Institute, MoRegDev 2008 136 Directorate Water & Environment 2010 157 Research Institute of Agricultural Economics


2001 34 Bonaventura GIS Market Analysis and Publishing Ltd. 36 DigiTerra GEOinformatics System House Ltd 38 GeoX Ltd 39 Térkép (HISZI-MAP) Ltd. 44 National Cadastral Programme Non-profit Co. 2002 52 Congress Ltd 54 ESRI Hungary Ltd 56 Geodézia Ltd 58 HungaroCAD Ltd 63 VARINEX Informatics Ltd 2003 74 InterMap Ltd. 76 Compet-Terra Ltd. 87 GeoData Ltd. 89 Geodézia Zrt (Geodetic and Cartographic Shareholding Co.) 86 IQSYS Ltd 2004 97 EUROSENSE Ltd. 99 HungaroGEO Ltd 103 Rudas & Karig Ltd 2008 138 Daten-Kontor Ltd 137 TEKIRÉ Ltd 139 GEOlevel Ltd 2009 142 GotMap Ltd(Ohio, USA) 143 COWI Kft 2010 154 Magyar Posta Zrt. 155 Nav N Go Ltd 160 Infoterra Magyarország Ltd


1994 1 gita Hungary Geospatial Information & Technology Association 3 Hungarian Society of Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing 1998 Hungarian Federation of Agroinformatics (MAGISZ) 2003 82 UN FAO SEUR, Budapest 2010 159 CASCADOSS Hungary, Budapest


2005 115 Szombathely 2007 135 Zalaegerszeg


2009 According to the MoEW-HUNAGI Cooperation Agreement, all of the ten Hungarian National Park Directorates became full membership in HUNAGI for the calendar year 2009: 144 Aggteleki NP 145 Balaton-felvidéki NP 146 Bükki NP 147 Duna-Dráva NP 148 Duna-Ipoly NP 149 Fertő-Hanság NP 150 Hortobágyi NP 151 Kiskunsági NP 152 Körös-Maros NP 153 Őrségi NP


49 enrolled student members from 15 Universities, and 1 Vocational Training Schools Mentor: Prof. Dr. Béla Márkus, West-Hungary University

HUNAGI ON THE WEB [1] [2] Over 180,000 website and newsblog visitors. Blogs are visited from 120+ countries from all continents Webserver is provided by WebHU, former member of HUNAGI

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HUNGARIAN ASSOCIATION FOR GEO-INFORMATION (HUNAGI) H-1122 Budapest Pethényi út. 11/b UNSDI HUNGARIAN COORDINATION OFFICE (HUCO) To subscribe HUNAGI e-Newsletters (Circulation to members and partners about 20 times per year) please contact Gabor Remetey-Fülöpp Secretary-general of HUNAGI link