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Lifelong resident of the USA. Moved to southern California in the 1990s.

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"He does not have his own Wikipedia page"[edit]

On 1 December 2008, the Los Angeles Times front page had an article about an unsung Mexican consul, Gilberto Bosques Saldívar, who rescued an estimated 40,000 people in Nazi occupied France by directing that visas be issued to everyone wanting to escape to Mexico. The opening lines were: "Gilberto Bosques Saldívar has never been the subject of a major motion picture by Steven Spielberg. American history books seldom, if ever, mention his name, and he does not have his own Wikipedia page, in Spanish or English."

Immediately upon finishing the newspaper article, I wrote the Wikipedia entry! For English Wikipedia — the reporter was mistaken about Spanish. The biography in Spanish Wikipedia had been created six months earlier.

Articles I have been a major contributor to[edit]

  • Los Haitises National Park, 14 January 2010. Translation from Spanish Wikipedia. The English entry already existed, as a stub, but I rewrote it.