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Main Article Contributions[edit]

Articles Written
Start-Class article Hurricane Marie (2008) Merged
Start-Class article Tropical Storm Lowell (2008)
C-Class article Tropical Storm Odile (2008) Redone
Start-Class article Tropical Storm Danny (2009) Merged/Redone
Symbol question.svg Hurricane Fred (2009) Redone
C-Class article Tropical Storm Fiona (2010) Merged
Good article Tropical Storm Odile (2008)
B-Class article Hurricane Adrian (2011)

Articles With Significant Contributions
Start-Class article Typhoon Kujira (2009) Meteorological History (Redone)
C-Class article Hurricane Paula (2010) Meteorological History and Lede
B-Class article Hurricane Barbara (2013) Meteorological History and Lede

Articles Never Published
Tropical Storm Marty (2009)

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