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Object-oriented programming
Introduction to Algorithms
Unit testing
Test-driven development
Agile software development
Time complexity
Computational complexity theory
Big O notation
Classless Inter-Domain Routing
Context switch
Scheduling (computing)
Orders of magnitude (data)
Huffman coding
Domain Name System
OSI model
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
List of HTTP status codes
Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol
Representational state transfer
Cross-origin resource sharing
Hash-based message authentication code
Content delivery network
Virtual LAN
Trivial File Transfer Protocol
Preboot Execution Environment
Cloud computing
Big data
Cloud storage
Object storage
Data Structures
Data structure
Array data structure
Linked list
Adjacency list
Tree (data structure)
Graph (abstract data type)
Graph theory
Binary tree
Splay tree
AVL tree
Red–black tree
K-ary tree
Hash table
Rainbow table
Circular buffer
Incidence matrix
Adjacency matrix
Sorting algorithm
Merge sort
Search algorithm
Brute-force search
Linear search
Binary search algorithm
Self-balancing binary search tree
Tree traversal
Breadth-first search
Depth-first search
A* search algorithm
Dijkstra's algorithm
Bloom filter
Tower of Hanoi
Knapsack problem
Travelling salesman problem
Dining philosophers problem
Two Generals' Problem
P versus NP problem