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Hi There![edit]

My name is Huw Powell, and it was 06:43, May 23, 2005 (UTC).

I live in the ninth state to join the USA. I run a small... tiny... (microscopic!) loudspeaker manufacturing operation, garden, work on my car(s) and truck, and do my own electrical wiring and plumbing work. I play guitar and record songs I've written, at a completely amateur level. I also keep a repository of my random writings on one of the internets tubes. My old calculus textbook still comes off the shelf at least once a year. I am irritated that the area of a regular octagon is irrational.

I am famous! The stuff about my Audis I put on the intertubes was added as an external reference at Audi 80. I feel so honored I could cry. (has been removed)

I don't know enough about any one subject to add a single article to the WP, but thoroughly enjoy fixing the occasional link or typographical error. When I understand what I'm reading, at least. I also try to fix vandalism when I come across it. I'm learning...

I sometimes grab unnecessary commas to replenish my supply. Often these will be deployed on other wikis.

I participate on many other wikis that are relevant to my interests.

handy resources for me[edit]

Time to start making some of these resources easier for me to find:





Drafting in my litter box:

Curt Bessette


Brendan Hogan

{{Unreferenced|date=March 2007}}

I just learned about "Category:Liberal Wikipedians" whilst reading this amusing file at "conservapedia", so I added myself to it, I think. Just in case my punctuation edits seem biased. (Apparently I either failed, or someone else deleted it?)

The above comment got me first on a list! Apparently "User:Huw Powell links to Conservapedia on his user page, describing it as "humourous"" is an example of sanity.