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I'm a British/American dual-national, originally from London. After living for many years in New York and Washington, DC, I moved to the Kyrgyz Republic and spent two years in the capital, Bishkek. I'm now I'm back in the US and enjoying rainy but wonderful Portland, Oregon!

Incidentally, my username is derived from my appreciation of the fine work of Aldous Huxley.


Although I edit existing articles far more than I start them, I have created a few from scratch:


All images are released into the public domain unless otherwise noted in the summary/licensing section on the image's page.


Other locations

Kyrgyz currency



  • {{PD-IrelandGov}} - copyright template to indicate public domain status of certain works produced by the Irish government
  • {{Mcq-wrong}} - boilerplate template to head off inappropriate questions asked on the Media copyright questions page

Where I'm from

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Where I've lived

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Where I've been

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