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The Hyip Project is an open source project which is ported on GitHub started in August 2014[1]. It was brought into a development by taking a pilot business scope called High-yield investment program, which also known as abbreviation of the word `HYIP`, a type of Ponzi scheme, an investment scam that promises unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors.

This project is developed initially using all benefits on Google Products incorporating all program code available and generate a widely integrated information to score and rate a group of sites running in a same business category. This is made as a starting point on attaching in to a wider scope and grab them into their Project Formation[2] to become an Integrated Investment Application System called High-yard investment program[3], stand as the actual meaning of the title `HYIP` of what they called The 'HYIP' Project.

Project Info[edit]

This project chapter is begin with a general information stating that the project is made in the purpose of getting a possibility to build an interface to generate an integrated info from all Google Cloud Platform including API's, Application API, Application Sripts, App Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud Datastore, Cloud SQL etc.[4]

It aim to have the access and running all available program language like Python, Java, Php, Go with possible also Scala and Ruby and run them in the same time into a SINGLE PAGE using a SINGLE DOMAIN without even need any subdomains with an intention to run a global contained application along with other languages such as Perl, C, C++, etc.

Project Scope[edit]

Site Monitor & Rating[edit]

At the beginning this project introduced a simple tool called Hyip Score Analysis v1.2, here it begin with Version 1.3. It build our monitoring script using the most appropriate Programming Languages up to a very complex rating application and run in the background on the most powerful servers including that Google and Amazon has.

Online News & Blogspot[edit]

This project was begin of their publication with similar method which is well known as one of the effective ways on online publication by making their official page[5] about the project in WordPress. Several page was made also on other blogs including Blogspot. Lately they introduced their own method by developing what they called a teamwork application into their project. This application is made from scratch in purpose on getting an effective way on how it can manage a target result in term of Search Engine Optimization.

Project Mapping & Team Application[edit]

By having a spirit to open all of the sources and open for everyone, they started to publish their concept[6] as well as a team work system to meet the project plan. It is actually a kind of mapping system to define between the target and the way that they are going to be achieved by applying the concept of Four color theorem[7]. One of the most famous and stimulating problems in graph theory.

It begin by how they manage a different assignment on the project sections, following with how they assign each of them to hold a unique task, and finally how they got them combined[8] on achieving what they called a settlement[9] till its implementation[10].

Project Review[edit]

Taken the FIDIC Node-746[11] as the reference. The Project Review[12] is managed to include some or all of the following:

  • Review of concepts, inputs and assumptions
  • Review of load paths or processes
  • Review of computer/analysis inputs
  • Detailed analysis/design (including numerical checking) check of primary elements
  • Random analysis/design check of selected elements
  • Detailed analysis/design check of primary elements
  • Review of drawings/documentation to confirm interpretation of design/analysis
  • Duplicate/parallel independent analysis


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