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Where the name comes from...
A British Rail Class 35, type 3, B-B diesel-hydraulic locomotive,
colloquially known as a Hymek.
Puppeter template.svg This username is an alternative account of EdJogg.

Hymek is an "Alternate Account" created to keep edits to work-related topics separate from my more usual editing haunts as EdJogg (talk · contribs) (>20000 edits over 4 years, and growing daily).

Examination of EdJogg's contributions will reveal that he finds it difficult to visit a WP page without seeing something that needs editing. A work project often requires considerable research, involving the access to many 'new' pages: this alternate account is to avoid cluttering-up the non-work Watchlist with work-related edits...

NB - Messages left here may not get answered promptly!

Hymek (talk) 13:56, 7 January 2009 (UTC) ...and still active in 2015!

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