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recent changes, Charismatic Christianity

I'm a researcher in ecclesiology based in London. my speciality is the British New Church Movement, and I've just completed a PhD. The question I asked in my work, is how do churches like Ichthus, Pioneer, Newfrontiers and so on, know when they are doing it right? I'm hoping to add work on notable figures, churches and ideas within the British New Church Movement as I go along.

Major work[edit]

SlutWalk - E. J. H. Nash - Roger T Forster - Ichthus Christian Fellowship - British New Church Movement

Some work[edit]

Terry Virgo - St Peter's School, York


apostles today - Apostolic network - Pioneer People - Bryn Jones (pastor)- Kenneth E. Bailey - pornification

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David Watson (evangelist) (First church I went to was St Mike's...)


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Ursula K. Le Guin

Ian M. Banks

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Transformationalism Spiritual warfare, disempowering of ordinary Christian life;etc

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